Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Sing-Off Season 3: Hip Hop Downloads (Episode 6)

This time, the download is ahead of the review! Haha. AL, The Sing-Off Contributor, is still busy at the moment so I'll try to fill in with the review, which will be posted within the day. For the meantime, enjoy with the music. Again, the downloads are c/o Stickler of YourMusicTube. Enjoy!

1. Nothin' On You Group Performance
2. Club Can't Handle Me Dartmouth Aires
3. Killing Me Softly Afro-Blue
4. Give Me Everything The Collective
5. I'll Be Missing You Vocal Point
6. Airplanes Urban Method
7. Love Lockdown Pentatonix
8. How To Love Delilah
9. The Show Goes On YellowJackets


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