Sunday, February 15, 2015

Movie Review: The Imitation Game

Incredibly fascinating. I went into the film not knowing what exactly the story was based on, but I was intrigued from the first minute and left me in awe when it ended. Yes, The Imitation Game just delivered virtually on all fronts and there's plenty to rave about. The screenplay was incredibly crafted with brilliantly written dialogue, the edits and interweaving of time periods were executed flawlessly, the pacing was expertly done, and the direction was astounding. It was Benedict Cumberbatch's downright fantastic performance though that transcended the film into something special. How he moved from uptight to endearing without a hint of effort was impressive and he handled the complexities of his character incredibly well. The supporting cast also delivered solid performances, including Keira Knightley who had a calming demeanor. The Imitation Game was a powerful film backed by an exceptional story and superb acting. The overall impression is simple: a strong recommendation! 9


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