Sunday, January 31, 2010

Movie Review: Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Prepare to get served.. literally! Haha.

At first, the whole premise sounded a little too peculiar and odd for my taste [no pun intended]. However, this film surprisingly made me become a child again. It was imaginative, funny and a good eye candy. What's there not to like?

Not only was the film quirky and had that thoughtful and imaginative storyline, it also exuded humor through its likeable characters, discerning messages and vivid visual style. I found the jokes to be in good taste and genuinely funny - having both slapstick humor and more subtle satirical jokes. There was undeniably a lot of ingenuity and cleverness that was wraped around the film.

Visually, the animation and style of the film wasn't at par to the usual Pixar movies - though I think comparing it to those productions would be a bit unfair. I thought that there was something very old-fashioned in the film's look and the way it was animated. The character design, for instance, was just fairly average. While I've seen more impressive stuff done by Pixar, watching the giant food rain was an absolute blast, to say the least.

One minor quibble though about the movie was that at some point there was perhaps an excess of originality that I felt the movie crammed as many ideas as conceivably possible. I sometimes found myself overwhelmed and desiring some filler scenes [not good] to give the movie more of a flow.

Still, the movie was unique, original and it didn't try to imitate anyone else. And despite the fact that it wasn't particularly complex and thought-provoking, it was still a very entertaining and effective animated film. Oh, and did I mention the film was a visual feast - again, no pun intended? Ha.

 RATING: 7/10

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Movie Review: Paano Na Kaya

Star Cinema never ceases to amuse me. Really. I thought that they were able to produce yet again another decent to good movie - a feat which I think other local mainstream movie outfits struggle to achieve.

Frankly, this movie wasn't life-changing, more so, something profound. I thought the premise wasn't out of the ordinary - which didn't shock me - but I found the plot pretty convincing and the subject matter surprisingly mature. And yes, it wasn't the most original and sometimes almost predictable, sterotypical and cheesy, but I couldn't care less as the story managed to give a consistent feel of reality. It may cringe some for being too schmaltzy, but that happens in real life! Haha.

Acting wise, the cast did shockingly well. I thought that the chemistry between the leads was palpable. Kim Chiu gave a somewhat formidable performance in this film. I, personally, never considered her as an actress with substance and depth but she's slowly proving herself to be a worthy actor. Gerald Anderson, on the other hand, had his moments. He held his own next to Kim Chiu's dependable performance. I seriously saw major improvements from his previous acting stints.

One quibble I had though with the movie was the overwrought script. Initially, there was really something good and at times brilliantly witty in the writing but the script just didn't hold up. And although that was basically harsh reality talking, the dialogues could've been better. Also, the production design was just too quirky for my taste.

I'm not going to lie - tweak minor facts in the storyline and you've just probably saw a movie about my lovelife. Haha. The same reason why I didn't care much about how obvious the story was and other movie technicalities. I excruciatingly enjoyed everything as a whole.

The movie had its own mishaps but it was generally forgivable, at least to me. Ha. It was a simple love story that was well complemented by a good cast, a decent story and a solid direction. It is what it is. Haha.

RATING: 6/10

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Movie Review: Legion

The suck-factor of this movie was biblical! Pun intended.

Seriously. This was one abysmal storyline. God is fed up with humanity so he decides to destroy it. He sent a flood the first time, and now God sends his angels to wipe out the entire human race on earth as if everybody was bad. WTF!

And not only was the plot somewhat religiously insensitive, but almost everything went unexplained for nearly half the film. No grasp on the basics of competent storytelling.

The characters simply appeared, delivered a five minute pointless character traits and then CHAOS! Heck, I didn't even see any reason why I need to know too much about these people. For one, they just don't matter in the larger scheme of things; and secondly, they were killed in such "blink and they're dead" moments that I wonder why I even bothered to learn their names in the first place, much less where and how they grew up.

Moreover, I, for one, can only suspend my belief up to a certain point. So I just don't understand how a woman on her last trimester could be so agile and had that superhuman ability to give birth in a minute. Not only was she able to pop that thing out like a torpedo, but she was up and running minutes after giving birth without any sort of medical care or whatnot. Unbelievable.

To be fair though, the movie started off quite well with an interesting potential but faltered in execution for the rest of the film. The acting was mostly decent - especially Paul Bettany who, I thought, had the right combination of leading man good looks, physicality and acting chops. The entertainment value was also evident.

I also loved that the film offered action scenes I've not seen before. Angels clad for battle with an armour and a combat weapon - and of course, the metallic wings used both defensively and offensively in quite elegant ways. It was indeed interesting but that's not saying much about the movie.

Sadly, I can find better action with a more compelling storyline in Daybreakers. I mean, if you have to see a grown man with wings this week, a safer bet would be Tooth Fairy. Hahaha. Enough Said.

RATING: 5/10

Monday, January 18, 2010

Movie Review: Daybreakers

It didn't suck! Haha.

No creature in the history of film or television has been represented more than vampires. They're everywhere! And over the past few years, the vampire story had already lost it's balls. It became almost a caricature of itself. Instead of an undead dying when they set foot in the sun, they sparkle like back-up dancers of Adam Lambert. Haha. I believe this movie was a return to its original form.

Surprisingly, the film wasn't your typical cliché-ridden vampire horror. Clearly, it had some sensible writing involved here. The script was loaded with unpredictable twists and shocking reveals - even horrific mutant creatures appeared out of nowhere with perfect timing.

I thought that it did an exceptional job of taking the conventional vampire premise to something new and fresh. The story was strong and entertaining despite its obvious ending and the social commentary was upfront but not preachy.

The plot itself was efficient, but it was the visuals that delivered the goods, I believe. The sheer starkness of the visuals kept my attention the whole time. I thought that the desaturation technique - which was used in Underworld - was much cleaner and sleeker in this film. Also, the special effects and action scenes were top-notch, particularly a gruesome set-piece near the film's climax. Sweeping cinematography, crisp editing and a masterful musical score. It was technically spot on.

The acting, on the other hand, was decent. I thought that everyone, especially Ethan Hawke, settled into their roles really well, giving their characters substance and backing. It wasn't the movie's strongest suit but competent nonetheless.

To me, this film passed a key horror movie test: when you leave the theater, the outside world does not look quite as reassuring as it normally does. Ha!

Largely, it was indeed a superbly fresh and entertaining vampire experience. A unique twist in what was becoming an overworked genre. Well worth seeing.

RATING: 8/10

Movie Review: The Spy Next Door

An ultra-predictable movie but quite entertaining, to the say the least.

At first glance, it seemed like a complete rip-off of Vin Diesel's The Pacifier. And while it did have some similarities, I saw glimpse of originality - which isn't saying too much though. Ha! Either way, unless you're a kid, you've already seen this movie before.

Frankly, the acting of the main stars as well as the supporting cast was rock bottom, with none of the timing that comedians are supposed to be good at. And instead of avoiding stereotypes, this film embraced them in shallow ways - such as the improbable Russian accents.

On top of all the poor acting and, to some extent, writing, I thought that the editing was bad. The gadgets weren't used cleverly and the special effects were unconvincing.

That said, Jackie Chan and his stunts were competent enough to make this movie somehow tolerable. He still appeared to be quite fit and agile enough to pull off most of the stunts. Having said that, it was pretty obvious that he's mile and ages away from the stuff he did in his prime. I won't begrudge him of that niggling detail though.

Truth be told, kids will enjoy this movie because kids will enjoy anything. But overall, it was a harmless fun and an entertaining waste of time. Ha! Nothing more to say.

RATING: 4/10

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Movie Review: Sherlock Holmes

Although I do not know much about Sherlock Holmes, I thought that this was a hugely enjoyable film. Its sheer entertainment value was undeniable – something that will likely appeal to a younger crowd and those less familiar with prior incarnations of the story like me. Ha!

The casting of Robert Downey Jr. was a bit odd but I actually thought that he played his role to perfection. He was exceptional in providing an absolute charm and effervescent humor. His deadpan delivery was well-suited for the role and he never resorted into being over-the-top or a caricature of the character. Jude Law, meanwhile, provided a wonderful performance as a cool and competent sidekick. To me, he managed to be as interesting and watchable as the lead. Together, they have an indelible chemistry like an old married couple. Both inspired numerous banters and clever rebuttals to an unrelenting degree, letting many of the humor to pass unrealized – not that I was slow or anything. Haha.

In contrast, Rachel McAdams was gorgeous but her role was rather ambiguous. It was so stale and poorly written that I ignored her presence in most scenes. I have to hand it to her though as she seemed to be trying her best to bring the character to life. And as much as I like the villain, his character lacked dimension as well.

On technical merits, the movie didn’t disappoint. The film, I thought, was exceptionally shot, faultlessly rendered and carefully photographed. Gorgeous setting. Admirable costumes. Gritty effects. Ultimately, there were no blatant shortcuts in its cinematography. The musical score was quirky and posed as anything but generic.

Moreover, I found the direction of good quality. The brilliantly crafted action scenes were flawlessly executed without going overboard and never detracted anything from the movie. I also appreciated the way the story was told – non linear but not incomprehensible or overcomplicated. And yes, the film had its fair share of slow motion, but was used well within the context of the story.

One minor criticism though was that the movie already seemed like a sequel and felt as if I missed a previous installment – this could be seen though as either a good or a bad thing, very relative.

Taken as a whole, the movie wasn’t perfect. But as an introduction to the character for the younger audience, I have to say that it's the best I could have hoped for. A lot of smart banter. Stylized fights. High production values.

RATING: 8/10

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Album Review: Unbroken - Katharine McPhee

Katharine McPhee is back.. and she's blonde!! Interesting look. The hair is giving me a Florence Henderson vibe circa Brady Bunch years. I mean, she is the most attractive person to EVER grace the Idol stage, but this look needs some getting used to. I don't know. Ha!

But listening to this album, I think material-wise, it is one of the best pop/adult contemporary albums to come out in a while. All round, she delivers perfect vocal performances, realistic lyrics, and a perfect mesh between up-tempo and ballads. I want to refrain from comparing her to Kelly Clarkson because of the Idol relation, but this album easily ranks up there with Kelly's Breakaway and their contemporaries.

Here's my track-by-track review: 

This is probably the catchiest song on the album. All the right ingredients for an Adult Contemporary hit is here. An incredibly catchy chorus is only partly responsible for the positive vibes, though, as she does a solid job making somewhat dim lyrics sound upbeat. I also like the layers on her vocals. 8/10

People are associating this song as country. Seriously? This is a typical RnB tinged pop. There's nothing country about it unless we're at the point where anything with a melody that isn’t beat driven is considered country. I think that the song is light, breezy and pretty. I like that this song shows off the nuances of her voice and that there are no cringe-inducing runs in her upper register and her lower register has always been beautiful. A killer combination of minimal production and simple lyrics. 9/10

I'm not really crazy with this one. For some weird reason, this track sounds like a Daughtry song. Ha! I wish it was more acoustic and not trying too much to be haunting. I did like some parts of the song though. This is, at the very least, an ok song. 7/10

I feel that this song will be so underrated. I love the sass and how raw this track is. The second verse and the layering of her vocals is also a nice touch to the song. The big note on the bridge does bother me a bit though. 9/10

This is by far one of my favorite songs on the record. This just grabbed my attention right away. I totally love the minor chords, riffs and all that jazz. I also like the really cool piano line and bluesy organ accompanied by a really pretty vocal melody. She sounds really cool and this proves that she can lend her vocals to a blues-leaning ballad without coming off as insecure. One minor criticism though, she doesn't sound like herself after the key change towards the end. 9/10

This is a great example of how well her vocals blend on a duet. With a little help from Jason Reeves on this Colbie Caillat-eque track, both voices complement each other, and even though Reeves is more of a background presence, he still gives the song a feeling of completion. I heard Kara Dioguardi's version and I think I'm digging the changes shedid on the song. 10/10

Without a doubt, this lush track is the highlight of the album. I think that this fits right in her vocal sweet spot. Just breathtaking and quite hunting. In this song, she doesn't do much of those annoying runs and her vocal restraint is commendable. I love the drums in the second verse and the bridge where she just throws it down. She shines not just as a vocalist, but as a storyteller as well. 10/10

Vocal Perfection! I get chills everytime I listen to this. I heard the original demo of this song by Lucie Silva and I feel like the build-up at the end is more subtle here, which I like. I love how she gets slightly louder every chorus and adds more runs and riffs. The chorus is gorgeous and the I am really digging the guitar. This song is freezing, moving and the melody is just impressive. I also glad that she is able to demonstrate her keen sense of inflections in this track. 10/10

By the time I heard the piano and electric guitar intro of this song, I'm stuck. I think that this is a potential hit for her. It is a moving power ballad that allows her to reach for the high notes with her beautiful use of melisma. The rousing chorus and the pop-leaning arrangement makes this a good candidate for a future single. 7/10

The lyrics to this song is heartbreaking and obviously personal. I have to be honest, the first time I heard it, it drove me insane as it sounded too generic and cliched for my taste. But, I'm taking it back now. Ha! It is gently sung and I love her voice, the harmonies and how she connects to it. I can personally relate to the song, that's why I had a sudden change of heart towards this track. 9/10

LOVE this song and I've been listening to it for a while now. Cute. This lets her use that distinct breathy sound that she does so well. It has a very Jason Mraz feel to it. I think that her voice suits this style so well and the little vocal moments in the background help me find something new to appreciate everytime I listen to it. If this gets the right amount of attention, this could be a hit for her. A great sing-songy piece - reminds me of Kris Allen's Alright With Me. 9/10

When she lets the lyrics breathe, she shines. This requisite ballad is actually good. The production and instrumentation is just brilliant. I like the use of her upper register here, which she faithfully follows through on. I think the solemn, vulnerable arrangement magnifies the tenderness explored in the lyrics. Chills! 10/10

A throwback to the '70s. Honestly, it is such a dumb song but it is kind of cute and sexy. I love how funky the instruments are and her vocals here are just impressive especially her falsetto, which adds special flair to the recording. This track is truly flimsy and a great upbeat note to end on. 8/10

I just wanted to say that I am pretty impressed with her sophomore record. Personally, she really has found who she is with this record. It’s sophisticated, adult, well produced with great songs written by good songwriters.

Hopefully this CD will do very well for her, it certainly deserves people giving her a second look. She is an incredible talent and if she doesn’t do well with this, then America is completely ignorant. This is miles better then the first album and she’s really grown and found what kind of music she should be doing.

 RATING: 8.8/10

Friday, January 1, 2010

Album Review: Kris Allen - Kris Allen

I feel so vindicated right now! It looks like he validated my fantardism with this album. Ha! I got to say, this effort thoroughly exceeded my expectations. The songs here are far away from cookie-cutter! The record seems very high-quality, and doesn’t seem overproduced at all, unlike most of the post Idol’s debut albums. Also, the album flows effortlessly from song to song and there is a cohesiveness and somewhat of a story line going on.

Although he did the Fray/Rob Thomas/Maroon 5 thing, it is with a soulful twist and lots of rhythm in these songs. I am also glad that his unbelievable phrasing, which I loved during his American Idol run, is still there. His voice also sounds better than the last time I remembered. There is a bunch of higher register and falsetto in these songs and he sounds gorgeous in these parts. I had no idea that he had so many shades/levels to his voice; he says he can’t act, but his voice sure can. I believe that he is definitely starting to find his own sound here.

Here's my track-by-track review:

I am in love with this song. The melody is catchy as hell and the lyrics is great without sounding too preachy. The production of the single is a definite improvement from the original version of The Script. And as far as first post idol single for the winners, I think this ranks near the top ahead of Light On, Tattoo, Jesus Take the Wheel and even Miss Independent. 9/10

This is possibly one of my favorite tracks of the record. I think that there are some interesting, artistic little places they took in song that made it unique. I like the stuttering guitar intro and that seemingly uptempo power pop-rocker vibe. I also think that the song is really well written. Very nice. 8/10

I love this song! So unexpected, so funky, so playful so Kris if you really think about it. I think that it’s another standout track and arguably the poppiest sound on the album - the hooky infectious chorus is insane. I like the Maroon 5-ish vibe to it but still very Kris Allen. Totally surprising but worked really fine. I wouldn’t mind if this will be his next single after Live Like We’re Dying. 9/10

First thoughts: PURE WIN! His breathy vocal is lovely. I can feel that he really put a lot of himself vocally as I can hear how strong his voice has become. I like the orchestra in the chorus as it brings a sophistication to the song. I can totally hear this thing on the radio. Its angst-y and a little David Cook-ish, which is always good in my book. Ha! 9/10

Another The Script-penned song and as expected, this one sounds equally good. It is funkier and edgier than I expected. I’m actually surprised at how much I enjoyed this song! It just puts a smile on my face. I think that the record version is better than the live one and not once did I think of The Script or that it’s not written by Kris Allen. The song is sweet on its own but it is, I believe, Kris’ vocal that gives it the perfect playfulness. 9/10

The smoky piano lead in is gorgeous and the bass line in the chorus is also really cool. It’s perfect and its heart breaking. Seriously. I love its purity and softness. His voice and the way he delivers the song is stunning. I also think that the bridge is nice and the fact that he and Eg White - Chasing Pavements - cut this song in 30 minutes makes this song even more impressive. 8/10

This is just all sorts of cool! I don’t know if it’s because this is the only song penned by Kris entirely and that it was written before Idol and it’s very personal to Kris, but the melody is just so lovely, and the intro is cool. I also love the instrumental part of the song. On second listen this song reminds me of U2’s With or Without You. His vocals just spill over on the lyrics and it’s like a series of massages! Ha! 9/10

His vocals almost killed me here. Ha! Like in The Truth, I can also hear how strong his voice has become. The falsetto is unbelievably good. Very soulful, bluesy, and definitely has that John Mayer sort of feel. This track is such an awesome change of pace and mood. 8/10

Definitely a radio-friendly song. I wouldn’t be surprised if this will be picked as the elimination song on Idol next season - though I doubt it. Ha! The pretty falsetto at the end is admirable and he is really showing off his vocals on this record! One of my favorites! 9/10

Personally, this tops my list. Just from the intro alone, you know that it has that special charm and that IT. The track really got my attention because the rhythm and simplicity is so damn catchy. If you’re not swaying or bopping your head to this song, there’s something wrong with you. This song is so swoon-worthy! Loved the pulled back bridge – falsetto! FUN! This will probably be my HAPPY-GO-LUCKY-SING-ALONG-SONG. Ha! 10/10

Perhaps my least favorite track on the album but even this is more than decent – which is odd. I can definitely hear the influence from Jonathan Foreman of Switchfoot. The guitar in this song is reminiscent of Dare You To Move’s guitar work. As for the vocals, I love the soft rise and fall of Kris’ voice. Great. 6/10

If his vocals in Is It Over almost killed me, this one buried me alive. Ha! His voice is just so raw, so fragile, so melancholic and so vulnerable that he ripped me open. Insane passion, Insane!!! It is beauty, rawness and simplicity at its finest. The gentle tickling of keys. The gentle swell of his vocals. The pleading. The violins. And then back to his gentle aching vocals. EPIC PERFECTION!! 10/10

Frankly, I would have preferred the acoustic version but I really enjoy his new take on it. It sounds really cool. I think that the new version fits right in with the sound of the rest of the album. It is more energetic and it captures that angst-y emotion that is present in his acoustic one. Got flare and edge. 7/10

In general, I’ve to say that this is an IMPRESSIVE album. Even for my favorite artist’s albums, there are bound to be filler songs in them and I’m very surprised at the absence of that so-called “album fillers” in this record. It seems like all the songs on this album can be potential radio-hit. There’s a different variety of songs such as the slow to mid-tempo, emotional ballads as well as the upbeat, catchy tunes to suit everyone’s taste. The most important thing is that the lyrics in the songs are really nicely-written and meaningful.

I think he should count this as a major triumph, because this album sounds LEAGUES better than most American Idol debut albums. I hate to say this but I think I like this better than David Cook’s debut album - a record which I ABSOLUTELY LOVE. It’s a solid effort, especially for a debut idol album thrown together under intense time pressure. Good Job!

RATING: 8.5/10

Album Review: For Your Entertainment - Adam Lambert

It’s no secret that I’m more of a Kris Allen fan, and Adam typically leaves me hot and cold - when he’s good, he’s great, but when he’s bad, yeeesh. When I first heard the snippets, I was underwhelmed. To me, it was Adam singing Muse, Adam singing Pink, Adam singing Gaga, Adam singing Weezer, etc.

However, after hearing the whole thing, there are moments of total awesomeness here. Some songs seem to embody the kind of music Adam wanted to put out, and they play to all his strengths. It does feel a bit disjointed, though, going from one to another particularly in the beginning. I think that it’s going to be the music people will love or hate... not much for people to feel so-so over.

Here's my track-by-track review: 

The opening groove sounded weirdly familiar, so I kept replaying it until I figured it out - it reminded me of Shake Yo Groove Thang. Ha! Maybe on purpose? I imagine that this is a 70s throw back homage. The layered vocals are interesting and the falsetto is a nice touch. I kind of like it. A true glam rock throwback. 7/10

I don't know. I think that this is definitely one of the stronger songs on the album. I think that it has a pretty strong back beat with that generic old school disco sound. His vocals isn't as out front as I would like it to be but there are parts at the end where I get a taste of his vocal range and rock wails. Nonetheless, it has a fabulous hook, slick production and very dance-y. 9/10

I love this. I'm actually digging the hit pop song sound. Pretty good. However, I just can't shake how much it sounds like Pink should be singing it and he is just covering her song. Ha! 9/10

I honestly believe that Kara Dioguardi redeemed herself with this song. Haha. It was surprisingly better than what I've expected. It seems to be the anthem of the whole album as it has a good dirty downbeat. 8/10

The song sounds so much like a Muse song. Interesting. Well, I'm not actually a big fan of this one. Sometimes when he slows it down a bit – he gets a little too Andrew Lloyd Webber-y for me. I don't know. I sort of like his phrasing though. 5/10

One of the better songs on the album. It has so much going on in it musically that I kept hearing new things. Ha! I totally think there's a brief but awesome homage to a famous rock riff in there. Also, I think his vocals here are awesome - it's actually in a category all by itself. The song is definitely Freddy Mercury-esque and made for arenas. 7/10

This made me think of Prince. I don't know. Haha. This is probably the song I don't really care for at all. I want to smash that drum machine after the first ten seconds and then it goes on for another ten seconds. Meh. 3/10

I’m having trouble getting past the lyrics of this song - particularly the beginning where it's something about wearing the right amount of leather and eyeliner. Haha! However, I can actually hear this one at the clubs. This would put people in the mood to party, I think. 8/10

There is something appealingly offbeat and quirky with this song. I like his inflections and the way he makes his voice sound on it. It is so adorable to me and the laugh at the end makes me smile. I find myself being drawn to this - weird. 6/10

It looks like Lady Gaga is incapable of writing a bad song. This is hands down my favorite track! Awesome. I love the funky, slightly syncopated off-center quality. The lyrics is fun and insane. 9/10

The verses are kind of boring until it gets to the beginning of the chorus, which is actually pretty cool. I can definitely hear Ryan Tedder's - Halo, Already Gone, Bleeding Love, Battlefield - signature sound in this track. The guitar riff towards the end is sick! A mixed bag but it's generally good. 7/10

This is a weird track to the eclectic sound of the album. Very Daughtry I must say. I actually didn't expect anything like this to come out of his debut record. And although the song got that terrific big rock ballad sound, I don't think it fits him. In some parts, he actually sounds like Daughtry himself - especially the first part. Good thing, I love the song. 8/10

David Cook is to Permanent and Kris Allen is to I Need To Know as Adam Lambert is to Broken Open. His vocals here are hauntingly beautiful and stunning. It actually reminds me of his rendition of Mad World during his American Idol run. This song demonstrates a top class production - deep deep body-tingling bass, mixing of several sounds and instruments properly coordinated and controlled so as not to overpower the vocals. Having said that, I can also hear this a capella and would still sounds amazing with that voice. 9/10

This is an absolutely beautiful track from the 2012 soundtrack. I think that the song is very powerful and emotional that it tugs right at the heart strings. His voice is sublime and flawless. Undoubtedly, one of my favorites in the album. 9/10

Now, I am curious to see what the music reviews will look like. It’s not bland at all, but to me that doesn’t mean it’s good nor should that merit praise. I am guessing music critics who love Adam will eat it up though. I wonder if he didn’t already have the great Idol press how this album would have fared for Adam as a new artist? I know all Idols have that advantage - or disadvantage - based on how they gain popularity from the show; I just wonder if his reviews are going to be strongly influenced by that fact that people seem to love Adam the person as opposed to the music standing on it’s own. I guess time will tell.

I am not an Idol fan who loves or hates just because of who I supported through the season, it’s all about the music after Idol for me, but I just can’t listen to this repeatedly - I really did want to like everything though. I am happy that Adam's fans are excited... Good for him and all of them!

RATING: 7.4/10
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