Thursday, April 24, 2014

American Idol 13: Top 6

It's Country and Rock week as the Top 6 took on an array of classics - or something to that effect - and managed to deliver yet another night where almost all of the contestants were in fine form. I genuinely didn't expect much from them, but it was actually a relatively strong night. As usual, there were lights flashing, cheering fans, and, as of recently, the obligatory close up shot of Jennifer Lopez's stank face. Haha. But yeah, that happened.

Anyway, Let us take a look at what the top 6 had in store for us tonight and who ended up on top and who might be leaving us this week!

On to the rankings!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Voice 6: Top 12 Results Show

Hmm. Poor Shakira! She just can't get a break no? Coming into the live shows, I'd like to believe that she has a stronger team than Blake or Usher (save for Josh), but she just can't pick good songs for her contestants! Case in point, two of her three finalists are in the Bottom 3. I don't know. I loved both of them especially when they had that one-two punch last week with Edge of Glory and Human, but I digress.

Oh, and the Bottom 3 performing just before the Instant Save via twitter was a nice addition this season.

Results after the jump!

The Voice 6: Top 12

The first live show of The Voice Season 6 was an absolute mixed bag. Most of the song choices were either predictable and boring, and yet, this episode also showcased a couple of outstanding performances - probably one of the best this season. So yes, it could go either way if you're watching, but for what it was worth, I kind of enjoyed it.

So who did the best? On with the ranking!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

American Idol 13: Top 7 Studio Versions

It's an interesting theme: Competitor's Pick. Of course, no one really sabotaged anyone, but a couple of people really stood out. One actually made a huge impression that she could very well be leading the pack now.

Here's how they ranked and peaked against other songs available on iTunes:

#31 Creep - Jena Irene
#121 A Team - Alex Preston
#162 Sail Away - Sam Woolf
#217 Family Tree - Caleb Johnson
#520 Gravity - CJ Harris
#1107 Gunpowder & Lead - Jessica Meuse
#1289 Muckalee Creek Water - Dexter Roberts

As for my favorites, Jena Irene sounded fantastic and I also enjoyed Caleb's and Sam's. That is all.

Friday, April 18, 2014

DAM NATION: April 2014 Playlist

Again, there's way too many songs, but so little spot! Haha. This month, we have a pretty diverse song selection and that somehow makes this playlist more interesting. I hope you'll enjoy most of them. So yes, here's another list of 15 songs that I (personally) fancy, that are already doing good on it's own and maybe some new singles from different artists that will probably - or maybe not - be hits in the next coming weeks in whatever format.


1 Summer Calvin Harris
2 Latch Disclosure (ft. Sam Smith)
3 Burning Gold Christina Perri
4 Blue Eyed Lie Jessica Meuse
5 Vertigo Jason Derulo (ft. Jordin Sparks)
6 Ain't It Fun Paramore
7 G.U.Y Lady Gaga
8 Beating Heart Ellie Goulding
9 Midnight Memories One Direction
10 Fairytales Alex Preston
11 Stay With Me Sam Smith
12 On Top Of The World Imagine Dragons
13 Medicine Shakira (ft. Blake Shelton)
14 Sirens Cher Lloyd
15 Sing Ed Sheeran

Password: The word that's in the comment section of Movie Review: Divergent

American Idol 13: Top 7 Results Show

Dexter Roberts. Well, this wasn’t much of a surprise. Dexter has been turning in mediocre performances from the beginning of the competition with only a precious few standouts and he should be extremely proud for ending as this season's 7th place finisher. He should have tried a little harder to lock up the country vote, but he never seemed to truly do so. There is a possibility that he could be a marketable artist after a lot of work, but right now, he’ll have to settle on a national tour and the money that goes along with it. 

As for Jessica, I just couldn't help myself but root for her. The judges are being hard on her "performing" when they don't even ask Alex to move around. Why can't they get the same "artist" edit? It's a bit frustrating to see them bus Jessica when she's clearly better than CJ. Ugh. She needs to nail her performances next week or she could be in some serious trouble.

Results after the jump!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

American Idol 13: Top 7

This week is very important because it marks the halfway point of the Finals. It’s time for these contestants to take it to another level and prove to us that they have what it takes to win. I fully expect to see that next week, because tonight was a wake-up call for them especially after Malay Watson left last week despite the massive improvement she showcased the past few weeks.

I thought the performances were REALLY good and that adds up to this rollercoaster of a season. Other than that insight and the fact that they showed countless of Jennifer Lopez close ups the entire episode, I have nothing more to add. As always, I placed the contestants accordingly, and while the night seemed fairly easy to rank the elimination is once again slightly unpredictable.

On to the rankings!
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