Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Voice UK 4: Top 8

Not sure if I like this format of The Voice UK. I mean, we've spent so much time with the Blinds, Battle, and Knockouts, and we get just three (3) live shows in total and with this week, we lost half of the contestants. I don't know. Maybe it's working for them at that side of the world, but it's a bit too fast for my taste. Then again, what do I know right?

Next week is the Finale, but before that.. on with the show!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Glee Wrap-Up: 35 Best Performances

Glee was the out-of-nowhere underdog when it debuted in 2009. A cast of unknowns - most of them shockingly normal looking - in a musical series was such crazy idea to begin with. I mean, it was something that hasn't been successful since, umm, never!! But for whatever reason, this scripted series just became one of the most highly talked about show in its first two seasons and I'm not going to deny that I was obsessed about the show since it's pilot.

I wrote episode reviews until Season 3 and posted the music as well. I even made a separate page for the show because it came to a point where Glee had more views in DAM NATION than American Idol. It had everything going for them until they messed up the storyline as the show eventually became too preachy and came off like a constant public service announcement.

Fast forward to 2015 and Glee aired it's final episode last week. It's bittersweet. While I did stop covering the show at the middle of Season 3 - though I came back to review The Quarterback in Season 5 -  Glee will always be part of DAM NATION. Thank you!

And now that the series came to a close with 728 musical performances under it's sleeves, it's just about right to take a look back at some of the most unforgettable interpretations of classics, showtunes, pop hits, and even obscure songs

So for the last Glee post, here's the All-Time 35 Best Performances of Glee.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

American Idol 14: Top 9

Not sure what it was - maybe the theme? - but I felt like some of the contestants were not in fine form. Some rose and some fell, but with a season as unpredictable as this, I just have to accept that this should be expected. I'm just hoping the show give them better material than this lame 80s theme. It's a tired one and it's time to think of something more creative.

I will have a couple of words for the two eliminated contestants, but that's for later. On with the show first!

The Voice 8: The Knockouts Part 1

I'm back! The Battle Round is finally done - as you should know by now, I don't review them for the most part - and The Knockout Round is here. To be honest, I'm still not particularly fond of this stage of the competition as I feel like some of the pairings are a little unfair since they usually throw in favorites with some cannon fodders, but I digress.. This episode managed to deliver some of the best performances this season. Personally, Season 8 is turning out to be quite stellar.

On with the show!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Voice UK 4: Top 12

Wait up, what happened? I was following this season during the Blind Auditions and found a couple of fantastic singers and now that I'm back, we're left with this? Yes, there are still a handful of great competitors, but Vikesh? Lucy? Lara? Karis? Ok, I will stop. Maybe the coaches wanted to have a lackluster season?

I was hoping to see outstanding performances - given how great some of last season's contestants did in DAM NATIONS Reality Singing Show Olympics - but I'm a little underwhelmed. Let's see if there's more to them by next week.

On with the show!

DAM NATION: March 2015 Playlist

It's finally here. Apology for the late post of this month's playlist - there was just too much going on - but here it is. Here's a list of 15 songs that I (personally) fancy, that are already doing good on it's own and maybe some new singles from different artists that will probably - or maybe not - be hits in the next coming weeks in whatever format.


1 I Really Like You Carly Rae Jepsen
2 Cliche Christina Grimmie
3 Trap Queen  Fetty Wap
4 Somebody Natalie La Rose (ft. Jeremih)
5 Feel The Light Jennifer Lopez
6 Where Are You Now Skillex & Diplo (ft. Justin Bieber)
7 Dear Future Husband Meghan Trainor
8 Double Tap Jordin Sparks (ft. 2 Chainz)
9 Want To Want Me Jason Derulo
10 I Want You To Know Zedd (ft. Selena Gomez)
11 Don't Look Down Martin Garrix (ft. Usher)
12 This Time Glee Cast (ft. Lea Michele)
13 Shut Up And Dance Talking Is Hard
14 Nobody Love Tori Kelly
15 Lay Me Down Sam Smith (ft. John Legend)

Password: Who ranked first in the American Idol 14: Top 11 post?

Movie Review: Cinderella

Quite frankly, I was seriously expecting Cinderella to be godawful - how many adaptations can this story have? - but it shockingly turned out to be quite magnificent. Fairy tales in recent memory have become either poor reproduction of classics or dark adaptations with unnecessary modern twists, but this film somehow impressively kept the material intact with only very little modifications and yet remained refreshing. It was aesthetically confident and captivating, full of glorious visuals and absolutely gorgeous cinematography. The art direction and costume design were also top notch, as well as the fantastic acting ensemble. Lily James was effortlessly adorable and natural as the title role, but it was Cate Blanchett's take as the evil stepmother that stole the show. She wasn't entirely overwhelming like she could have, but her composed manner of delivering her lines were on point. It's not to say Cinderella was perfect because it wasn't, but the movie somehow seemed magical. 8
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