Friday, April 27, 2012

American Idol 11: Top 6 Results Show

Today, another Idol will be eliminated and with a season full of incredibly talented singers and no clear frontrunner, your guess is just as good as mine. Stefano Langone, Katy Perry and Queen will perform tonight. Who will be eliminated tonight?

Again, read at your own risk!

RESULTS after the jump!! 

American Idol 11: Top 6

It's official! This is the most competitive American Idol season I have ever seen! Seriously. Still no clear front-runner at this stage of the competition and it's ridiculous! Haha. 

But, I get it now. As a group, Season 11 have probably one of the most talented Top 13 in the history of American Idol. But I realized, as a group, they aren't the most interesting in terms of personality. Contrast to the last year's group, who certainly have several annoying personalities among them and aren't as talented, they were fun to watch and pretty entertaining. This batch, not so much, but I digress.

As for the episode, I must say that Queen was not a good theme for these Idol hopefuls. Not all styles of music suite all musicians and tonight proved that. I mean, their songs are really hard to compress and depend heavily on having very intense, over-the-top arrangements and then suddenly turns them into something that lasts a minute and a half. Tall order no?

And as for you Mr. Randy Jackson, your advise to vote for all of the contestants was pretty dumb!! Two weeks ago, you were telling people to vote for the BEST. Now, people have to split votes among their favorites? Haha. So useless!

Anyway, here we go!

DISCLAIMER: I am no expert, but this is my opinion - to each his own - and yours will be in the comments below! Haha. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

American Idol 11: Top 7 Redux Results Show

After Jessica Sanchez' shock boot last week, which also let to the use of this season's Judges' save, we're back to a Top 7 week with a theme: Now and Then.

Oh, but Nigel Lythgoe tweeted this, Yes, we have another BIG shock on tonight. Wow, we are going to have a lot of unhappy people tonight. Why do I feel like Jessica Sanchez will again be eliminated? Oh no. Or maybe Joshua Ledet or Colton Dixon?

 Again, read at your own risk.

RESULTS after the jump!!

American Idol 11: Top 7 Redux

Yes, another solid performance night for the Top 7 Redux, especially at this stage of the competition with so many still left! I'm just happy to have such a great season of singing! Seriously. I thought everyone delivered some good performances and while not as stellar as the previous weeks, there were some people who really stood out.

Oh, one minor complain was the excessive standing ovations from the judges AGAIN! They all looked unnatural and forced - especially towards Joshua's second performance. Even the audience was kind pf nonchalant with some of the standing ovations. I guess, it's official. When Simon Cowell left American Idol, standing ovations are useless! Haha.

Anyway, here we go!

DISCLAIMER: I am no expert, but this is my opinion - to each his own - and yours will be in the comments below! Haha. 
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