Thursday, January 5, 2017

Olympics of Reality Singing Shows 2016: #1 Creep - Brian Justin Crum / America's Got Talent

Brian Justin Crum
America's Got Talent

With the numbers going quite unpredictable this year due to strength of this year's talent pool - just look at the average standard deviation of 16.48 versus last year's 13.27 - it was astoundingly hard to predict who will top the list for 2016.

Cyrus Villanueva's Jealous obliterated everyone last year after topping eleven (11) jury lists. This year, Brian Justin Crum's Creep from America's Got Talent topped a good five (5) jury votes to reign supreme in this year's Olympics of Reality Singing Shows.

The guy brought the house down with a pitch perfect, multilayered vocal performance - impeccable softer notes on the verses, soaring chorus, seamless transitions, dazzling bridge - that never slowed down, all while emanating a sense of vulnerability and rawness in his delivery. It was one of the more powerful vocal performances of the year and this year's Best Reality Singing Show performance.


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