Thursday, March 26, 2015

American Idol 14: Top 9

Not sure what it was - maybe the theme? - but I felt like some of the contestants were not in fine form. Some rose and some fell, but with a season as unpredictable as this, I just have to accept that this should be expected. I'm just hoping the show give them better material than this lame 80s theme. It's a tired one and it's time to think of something more creative.

I will have a couple of words for the two eliminated contestants, but that's for later. On with the show first!

09. Qaasim Middleton
Addicted To Love
Gobble gobble gobble. Yes, this song ate him up! I don't know. He's usually a very comfortable performer with a great personality, but his version of Addicted To Love came off very tentative. His vocals sounded muddled and complacent, his vocal support in his lower register was weak, and it just wasn't good. I'm not even interested enough to make fun of him. Sigh. 3.5

08. Daniel Seavey
You Make My Dreams Come True
I've said this before and I will say it again: I can't stand to see contestants skating by purely on being cute. Unfortunately, America eats them up most of the time and I wouldn't be surprised if Daniel get as far as Top 7. Look, Daniel seems like a nice kid, but his mediocrity irks me. His vocals were mostly uneven, it sounded like he messed up his words again, and his voice was breaking in parts. But that doesn't matter because he can literally defecate on stage and America will still love him. Prove me wrong, America! 4

07. Joey Cook
Girls Just Want To Have Fun
OH NO. Why Joey? Didn't you learn anything from Sarina-Joi's early ouster? No one is safe and America now relies more on week to week assessment than looking at a complete body of work. Girls Just Want To Have Fun was fun, infectious, and cute, but as a performance on a singing competition? Not so much. This stuck out like a sore thumb and clearly a strategic error in song selection for Joey. I'm crossing my fingers that she'll survive this week or I'll punch a soul. 4.5

06. Tyanna Jones
I Wanna Dance With Somebody
This was a rather predictable song choice for Ms. Jones and while I found the arrangement oddly problematic, the performance was actually harmless fun. The vocals were strong and consistent - disregarding a few slip ups towards the end - the performance was well-crafted, and she looked comfortable again on stage. Her confidence seemed to waver a bit, but I digress. 6.5

05. Rayvon Owen
Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Sure, the vocals were adequate and the first half was absolutely gorgeous, but Rayvon needs to try another facet of his talent. Quickly! I'm not saying he has to go WAY outside his comfort zone, but he needs to find a way to connect more to his material. I've been waiting and waiting and he has yet to break out and try to dethrone one of the current frontrunners. He has the tools to do it, he just needs to  be strategic about it. 7

04. Nick Fradiani
Man In The Mirror
Like Rayvon, Nick is such an incredibly solid singer, but seems incapable of having a break out moment. He hasn't delivered one of those water cooler performances that immediately  puts him in a strong position to reach the Top 5. He's been close, but has always come up short. Case in point, Man In The Mirror. His vocals were strong - especially towards the end when he sounded incredibly invested in the performance - his phrasing choices were great, the intensity was surprisingly there, but it was still not a magical moment for him. Maybe next week? 7.5

03. Jax
You Give Love A Bad Name
The arrangement - Thank you Harry for introducing me to this word last week. Haha. - left me confused as I felt like Jax did too much with it again. That said, her take on You Give Love A Bad Name was still pretty solid. I thought the magic of this number was at the beginning when her vocals were very restrained and nuanced, but then it kind of limped in the middle, until the lilt in her voice got back at the end. It was uneven, but solid nonetheless. 8

02. Quentin Alexander
In The Air Tonight
Quentin, once again, delivered an interesting take on a song with such dramatic flair! I was hoping the structure of the song would have allowed the song to build up more, but I was still incredibly fascinated. It's moody, visceral, and possibly one of Quentin's strongest vocal performances this season. Good job. 8

01. Clark Beckham
Every Breath You Take
Wow. This was another strong moment for Clark and I was floored by how consistent he's been. His vocals were strong, honest, and it was fantastic to see a stripped down performance as opposed to a lot of bells and whistles. He was vulnerable and the arrangement was just beautiful. At this point, Clark is like a snowball rolling down a hill and the other contestants are just harmless twigs in his way. 8.5

Qaasim Middleton

Daniel Seavey


Anonymous said...

Can't you put the idol singles here? I really needed them in m4a because I can't buy them or listen on Spotify because I'm in Portugal...

VFTW Pinoy said...

And your couple of words for the eliminated contestants?

Anonymous said...

yes, how about Maddie and Adanna? One of them was my fave :(

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