Sunday, June 21, 2015

Movie Review: Jurassic World

While Jurassic World wasn't nearly as exceptional than the classic Jurassic Park, this was still a pretty enthralling and captivating piece of entertainment. On a technical standpoint, the film was, unsurprisingly, on point. The visual effects were terrific, some scenes were exceptionally shot and flawlessly rendered, and the dinosaurs had excellent details. The plot, however, could've used a lot more creativity as the film made a lot of references from the original - the touching of a dying dinosaur, a male lead, a tough chick, two kids in distress and more. Sure, it added a lot to the nostalgia, but a little more than that would've been better. Also, the ending that involved the TRex was far too convenient. It didn't even attack the humans after taking down the Indominus Rex. Why? Good thing, the leads had plenty of charisma especially Chris Pratt to somehow ignore those flaws. Jurassic World didn't try to be revolutionary - there wasn't even any groundbreaking narrative - but was made purely to entertain and it certainly did just that. 7.5


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