Friday, January 1, 2016

Olympics of Reality Singing Shows 2015: #1 Jealous - Cyrus Villanueva / X Factor Australia 7

Cyrus Villanueva
X Factor Australia 7

Look at that! I didn't think there was a clear winner and figured that it will be a too-close to call victory given the outstanding performances across different editions from different countries, but looking at how the voting went, it was pretty clear that Cyrus Villanueva easily won the year with Jealous as the best reality singing show performance of 2015. 

There's something to be said about how he managed to capture the emotional drama of the lyrics and the plaintive flow of the melody. Yes, there were a couple of notes that got compromised by his emotions, but that kind of slip-up was better than a note-perfect number void of authentic feeling. Just glorious! The was his last performance on his season, which ended up being the best one for X Factor Australia, and now, for the Olympics of Reality Singing Shows 2015. 


Anonymous said...

This performance is very good, but there are a lot of better performances, as Jordan Smith's rendition of Somebody to love, Amanda Brown's Dream on. I think what Alex and Sierra did with Say Something and what Fleur East with Uptown Funk were very good as well. Some winner's singles of x factor were amazing too, like hallelujah by Alexandra Burke and Impossible by James Arthur. Even though you did put these songs, this rank is very good

DAM said...

Hi, Not sure if you read the post prior to this countdown, but this is exclusively for 2015. I've been doing this for 3 years now and the reason why they weren't included was because they were performed from different years.

I hope that clears everything, although I agree, those performances were really good.

Unknown said...

Having downloaded the album, I have to say that this is the track that I play the most.

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