Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Movie Review: Everything About Her

Let me go straight to the point: Everything About Her was everything I expected it to be. It had an extremely moving story about family, and the loss or potential loss of a loved one, a couple of wonderfully placed humor, a cliched final act, and some strong acting performances. Angel Locsin was absolutely fantastic in this role and she managed to balance out the intensity of Vilma Santos and the weak acting of Xian Lim, who I thought was awfully miscast. I thought the writing was good and layered and despite being predictable, the story still came off genuine - although the romance angle was annoyingly unnecessary. Everything About Her was able to establish a somber tone that bordered on depressing, but also knew when to pull back with some of the lightheartedness without undermining the narrative that it was trying to develop. The film wasn't perfect - far from it - but it had its moments. 7


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