Thursday, August 30, 2012

Music: Fairytale - Jessica Sanchez

Aside from Joshua Ledet, American Idol Season 11 runner-up, Jessica Sanchez, also debuted a new song, Fairytale, which according to her is a little preview of what's in store for her fans in her upcoming debut album set to be released at the end of the year.

Catchy hook. Radio friendly melody. Age appropriate lyrics. Yes, the song is a bit generic and vocally lightweight, but this should play well with the younger demographic - same demo that made David Archuleta's Crush and Jordin Spark' Tattoo certified hits. So, while I was expecting Jessica's sound to be more Urban with a tinge of pop a la Beyonce or Rihanna and not Carly Rae Jepsen or Selena Gomez, I can somewhat see this as a potential hit for her. I just hope she can have the right mix of Urban and Pop on her upcoming album and they can try to take her in Beyonce's route. Enjoy!


JeVeR said...

This bored me so hard

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