Thursday, January 30, 2014

American Idol 13: Salt Lake City Auditions

Everytime I feel myself drifting away from this show every start of the season, they pull me right back in for whatever reason. And yes, American Idol Season 13 managed to do that to me, yet again. I don't know about you, but there's really a new vibe drifting through each episode that feels like the program is fresher than it’s been in the last few seasons. The editing could be it, but I'm counting out the fact that the new panel is pretty fantastic.

I must say though, I was a bit confused with some of their decisions tonight as they gave out golden tickets to people who were mediocre at best, but failed to acknowledge the outstanding vocal talent of Jessica Bassett, who arguably outsang half of the featured singers on this episode. But I digress, as usual.

Let's get on with the auditions, shall we?

Austin Wolfe
There's a maturity to her tone that I absolutely didn't expect. Her vocal control is astounding for her age, she has beautiful phrasing, and Austin, to me, just has enough star power to stand out in the mix. I will look out for this girl. 7.5

Alex Preston
Original Song
Look, Alex seems like a good guy, but there's something about him that just didn't sit right with me. His voice sounded good with a couple of solid transitions to falsetto and there's raw talent in there, but I don't know. He did nothing for me. 6.5

Samantha Calmes
From Birth
She's such a character! Plus, she can actually sing.. good! Her original song sounded fantastic - especially the verses - and her cover of The Jefferson's theme song made me love her more. There's a certain quality to her tone that's quite unique and I have a funny feeling that she'll be very interesting to watch. 7

Laurel Wright
Original Song
Just lovely. Yes, we've heard less than 30 seconds of her singing, but that already left a good impression, at least to me. There's nothing remarkable about it, but she has a voice that's good enough for Hollywood. 6.5

Kenzie Hall
I'm Going To Find Another You
I absolutely love her voice. It’s very discernible, it seems to grow on you every second you’re listening, and there's a good mix of dynamics. Plus, she’s adorable. I hope she goes far. I'm a fan. 8

Paisley Van Patten
When The Lights Go Down
Paisley has this smooth soulful tone that's quite different and it sounds like it has some grit in it too, which makes me excited to hear more. She seemed like she was pushing some of her notes towards the end though, but I digress. Given the right material, she will definitely stand out in this competition. 7

CJ Harris
Soul Shine
This is a bit tricky. His vocals were a tad rough hitting a couple of shaky notes here and there, but there's something about his delivery and tone that's pretty hard to just ignore. He needs to toughen up though as he'll be eaten alive once he sets foot in Hollywood. 6

Tiquila Wilson
Someone Like You
Who knew? I was really expecting her to suck, but while her version of Someone Like You sounded a bit overwrought in spots, but she has a pretty powerful set of pipes. Not sure how far she'd last, but let's see. 6.5

Emily Rottler
Very nice. There's a lilting quality to her vocals that I seriously enjoyed. Her voice actually reminded me of a more controlled Megan Joy, from Season 8. It's unique with a pretty impressive phrasing. 7

Dexter Roberts
I Like To Drive
His voice was good and pretty distinct, but nothing I wanted to write home about. A nice, yet very average audition. 6

Johnny Newcomb
Last Kiss/If It Hadn't Been
While too raspy to a point where it's almost harsh for my taste, it gave his audition a lot more edge than I expected. He also looked too adorable, which almost didn't match the amount of grit in his voice. Haha. 6

Kassandra Castaneda
Chasing Pavements
I love Harry, but I totally didn't understand his criticism of too much runs on Kassandra's take of Chasing Pavements. There's actually subtlety to her rendition that was quite appealing. I mean, she could've brought it down with a lot more vocal gymnastics, but she didn't. Her tone sounded nice and there's actual talent in there. 7

Casey Thrasher
Good, but I've heard better singers. I'm seriously unsure why he closed the show. 6


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