Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Movie Review: The Fault In Our Stars

What a fine film! Having never really read the book and with little to no idea of the exact premise, I had no clear expectations going in and it was shocking to know that The Fault In Our Stars had this rare ability to send a grown man out of the theater pretending that he NEVER shed a tear. Haha. True, the film could've been a lot tighter as it slightly dragged towards the end, but for the most part, it was a well written story and despite its sensitive topic, the movie actually held a lot of ground. The script was extremely witty, the direction was fantastic, awesome soundtrack, and the cast did terrific. Shailene Woodly was sublime, but I thought Ansel Elgort was a sweetheart - his natural warmth added greatly to his character's gentle appeal. Charming. Poignant. Funny. Tragic. Thoughtful. Heartwarming. Sweetly devastating. That's The Fault In Our Stars right there. 8.5


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