Friday, June 27, 2014

Movie Review: How To Train Your Dragon 2

When I heard about a sequel, I was more cautious than excited. I mean, how could they possibly top the awesomeness that was the original How To Train Your Dragon? But while the storytelling this time sort of drifted towards the conventional - save for some interesting plot developments - How To Train Your Dragon 2 was still a flat out terrific animated film only vastly expanded and explored. The imagery was stunning, most of the set pieces were greatly orchestrated, the characters were all well sketched, and there's a mix of maturity and playfulness in the film that was very refreshing to watch. The film also had enough authenticity and darkness, which avoided the overly kiddy tone most modern animated films set for themselves. The humor was a little lacking and the middle part slightly dragged, but I digress. How To Train Your Dragon 2 was a glorious animated adventure film that's every bit as entertaining and endearing as the original. 8.5


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