Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Voice 10: Top 8

Not sure what it was - maybe it's the looming bloodbath? - but almost everyone seemed to be on their best form tonight. So while the usual suspects were still underwhelming, the rest delivered some strong performances hoping to snatch one of those coveted Final 4 slots. At this point, I'm still not sure who'll prevail - although there are obvious choices - but I expect some shockers tomorrow especially given how close the rankings currently are on iTunes.

On with the show!

08. Paxton Ingram
I'd Do Anything For Love
Two words: Swan song. 5

07. Shalyah Fearing
And I Am Telling You
Vocally, this was a bit problematic for Shalyah. Her vocals was too gritty that it almost sounded jarring and her pitch was terribly inconsistent - including that flat note towards the end. Good thing, her emotional connection to the song was impressively palpable, but at this point, there's no way Shalyah will survive the bloodbath especially with her singing at the top of the episode. 6

06. Bryan Bautista
This could've been a total showstopper, but as soon as he dropped the piano, things just went downhill. Yes, there were still a couple of good vocal moments here and there, but the key sounded too high for his range, his pitch wobbled in parts, and there was a thinness to his tone that came off a bit unpleasant. If this was pitched a little lower, this would've been perfect. 6.5

05. Laith Al-Saadi
One And Only
I didn't expect this song for Laith, but it actually worked. The wonderful rasp on his voice gave dimension to his interpretation, the performance never felt labored, and it sounded like something Laith would release post-The Voice. It didn't have enough fireworks to compete with the rest of the performances, but I didn't mind. 7.5

04. Hannah Huston
When A Man Loves A Woman
While this wasn't any different from Hannah's other performances - soulful and powerful - I can't deny the fact that this was one of the strongest numbers of the night. Her vocals were impeccable, her delivery was awesomely impassioned, and it felt like she left everything on that stage. I wonder though if that's enough. 8

03. Mary Sarah
I Told You So
From a pure vocal standpoint, this was stellar. Mary Sarah came out tonight fighting delivering a solid rendition of I Told You So. No, she could never rival Carrie Underwood in terms of vocal horsepower, but the serene quality of her vocals backed by a fantastic grasp on pitch made this one of her best performances on the show. 8

02. Alisan Porter
Alisan redeemed herself when she decided back off with the vocal theatrics and deliver a subtle rendition of Desperado. Sure, she went a little over-the-top towards the end, but the vocal dynamics were divine, there was finesse to her vocals, and it was the most subtle performance that I've seen from her. Nice one. 8.5

01. Adam Wakefield
I'm Sorry
I was ready to be bored with this, but Adam sold the entire song and performance with aplomb. He kept me interested throughout the performance, his connection to the song was superb, and the quiet arrangement was great. This was, arguably, one of his best performance to date. 9

Adam Wakefield
Alisan Porter
Hannah Huston
Bryan Bautista

Adam Wakefiled
Alisan Porter
Mary Sarah
Laith Al-Saadi


Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on The Voice Finale as well as the wrap-up, Dam? :)

Miguel Lorenzo Elisan said...

are you going to post about the voice finale soon, dam? :)

DAM said...

Miguel: Hi Miguel, maybe not the Finale. I'll post a Wrap-Up soon. :)

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