Sunday, June 12, 2016

Movie Review: Now You See Me 2

Bigger, but not necessarily better. Sure, Now You See Me 2 was still charming, energetic, and good-natured fun, but it was also loaded with plot holes and contrivances that pulled me slightly out of the film. I found the plot too complex to follow at times - that thin line between reality and magic was gone - and the pacing was a little problematic as well as the predictable ending. All that being said, the film as a whole was generally satisfying and the characters - other than the annoying Woody Harrelson's twin - were well-written. I was even shocked that I enjoyed Lizzy Caplan as Isla Fisher's replacement. Now You See Me 2 wasn't as good as its predecessor and it's far from being an eternal masterpiece, but it had its moments and it was nevertheless a fascinating look into the world of magic. 6.5


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