Friday, June 7, 2013

Movie Review: Now You See Me

There's an indelible sense of coolness to Now You See Me. Despite the rather thinness of it's plot, the premise was actually pretty refreshing, remarkably enjoyable, and fairly sophisticated for a heist film. I liked that there's a playful energy that radiated around the film, the stunts were pretty good, the special effects were fantastic and not overpowering and some of its set pieces were probably among the most elaborate I can imagine. There wasn't much depth to some of the characters though, which was a bit unfortunate, and I didn't understand why they had to explain EVERYTHING, but that's just minor issues I had with it. Now You See Me was a thoroughly engaging and unexpectedly solid piece of entertainment. It's not the best, but I was pretty shocked at just how much I enjoyed it. 7.5


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