Sunday, September 27, 2015

Movie Review: The Intern

To sell a sophisticated comedy to a youth-obsessed audience was a gamble that would surely signal a train wreck by default, but The Intern pulled that daunting task with aplomb. Sure, I had problems with the film shifting abruptly from light to melodramatic and the story may not be the most original, but the brilliant and heartfelt acting carried the film to something more than your usual comedy fare. No scene seemed forced and it seemed like a realistic exploration of the premise thanks to the endearing and magnetic performances of both Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway. The chemistry between the them was simply outstanding. Seriously. The Intern may just be one of the most immersing movies I've seen this year - there was more of an emotional tug here than in Everest. No, it wasn't without any flaws, but it was charming and thoroughly touching. 8


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