Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Voice 10: Blind Auditions Part 4

The verdict is in: The Voice Season 10 has the best set of blind auditions EVER. Sorry. I just can't help but say it over and over and over again. Is it because American Idol is ending that I'm coping by convincing myself that The Voice is the next best thing? I'm not so sure, but the level of talent this season has been off the roof. I tell you, if these people continue to deliver great performances, we're in for a good cycle.

Oh, and Christina Aguilera has an insanely strong group. It's going to be a bloodbath on her team in the next coming rounds.

On with the show!

Tamar Davis
Chain Of Fools
There's no denying Tamar's vocal power, but from the song choice down to the vocal stylings, this performance was terribly predictable and generic. I'm interested to hear something a lot more contemporary from her though. 7

Jessica Crosbie
Viva La Vida
The fantastic arrangement, which gave the song a different vibe, gave Jessica an opportunity to take her time with the words and caress the melody even more. Her tone also sounded like butter. 7.5

Justin Whisnant
Ain't Worth The Whiskey
There's nothing particularly outstanding with Justin - his vocals sounded radio-ready - but the way he presented himself had me thinking that he has more to offer other than sing country music. No, I don't think it will happen given that he's under Blake's wings, but a man can dream. 7

Daniel Passino
Marvin Gaye
He did tweak the melody a little, but there's something about him that screams cannon fodder. 6

Owen Danoff
Don't Think Twice, It's Alright
This was lovely. I don't agree that he's like Sawyer Fredericks like what Blake said, but the intimate quality to his vocals along with the understated delivery seemed like a breath of fresh air. He just sounded pretty. Will he be too laid back for the competition? Let's see. 7.5

Maya Smith
Do Right Woman, Do Right Man
Two words: Superb range. While she managed to support the verses really well, her upper register elevated her performance to something a lot more riveting. I can sense a fantastic growth from her as the season goes on. 8

Brittney Lawrence
Pharrell was right. Brittney has some powerful set of pipes, but the lack of vibrato made her vocals - especially when she tried to push her vocals at the top of her range - sound odd. But that's something she can fix in no time. 6.5

Matt Teder
(I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man
Okay. 6

Joe Maye
I Put A Spell On You
The a capella at the beginning came off a little overwrought, but once he pulled his vocals in, it was glorious. The grit gave his performance some dimension and his impassioned delivery was impressive. That being said, his duet with Christina actually proved to be a lot better than his actual audition. Not mad though. 8.5


Anonymous said...

Given the fantastic set of contenders this season, hoping we're in for a treat coming the Battle Rounds. Also hoping you would review them this time - at least some of them if possible haha!

DAM said...

I review The Voice except the Battle Rounds, but from Playoffs to the Finale, I've never missed an episode. :)

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