Sunday, November 6, 2016

X Factor UK 13: Top 8

Tonight was strange. I don't know what it was, but the whole episode felt like I was watching a reprise from almost all of them. The performances was desperately predictable that I wanted to stop watching and just move on. There was too much of the same thing going on and at this point, the mentors aren't doing anything to lift this season to absolute garbage.

Oh yes, I still can't get over the fact that Gifty was sent home before Honey G and Ryan Lawrie. Such a disaster.

On with the show!

08. Honey G
You know what's older than her actual age? Her shtick. Ugh. N/A

07. Sam Lavery
I'll Stand By You
What happened? This was, by far, Sam's worst performance to date. Her vocals had absolute pitch issues, I thought her tone didn't fit the song, her phrasing was bad, and it all sounded too choppy. I enjoyed her performances prior to the live shows - except the 6-chair challenge - but she lost it as soon as she stepped into the big stage. 4

06. Ryan Lawrie
Twist & Shout
Another serviceable performance from Ryan and that's about it. I'm surprised he's still here after all the mediocrity he's been showing since the live show started. No, there's nothing wrong with the performance and I felt like he was really trying hard to be a clear standout, but he's just not as good as the others. 5

05. Saara Aalto
Sound of the Underground
Yet another strange staging for Saara. Look, she's been pretty consistent vocally - given how that's not anymore the main basis to get voted in this competition - and this was no exception. I thought her vocals and pitch for the most part was really good. That said, she's been doing these outrageously odd performances the past few weeks that it's becoming more Eurovision than X Factor. I don't know. 6

04. Emily Middlemass
What Makes You Beautiful
Emily stuck to her predictable performance as she slowed and stripped down this One Direction hit. I admit, her voice sounded solid on the song and there's confidence to her delivery that I have not seen from her in the first weeks of the live shows, but I'm almost tired with this tempo. Why can't she get back with her guitar and do something totally unpredictable. Her performances are becoming stale. 6.5

03. Matt Terry
I'm Your Man
Somehow, I think I saw this kind of performance from Matt before with I Heard It Through The Grapevine, but I'm also not complaining. This was a good change of pace for him and his vocal remained pretty stellar. I would caution him though from looking a little smug, but that's just me nitpicking. 7.5

02. Four of Diamonds
Hold On
This was pretty unexpected. The lack of backtrack to support their vocals was refreshing and I actually heard them do some lovely harmonies. The vocals in general could've been a lot tighter and the arrangement could've been better, but this has to be their best performance to date. Who knew? 7.5

01. 5 After Midnight
Say You'll Be There
Louis Walsh did his homework! I thought the song choice was brilliant, the arrangement was well thoughtout, their voices sounded terrific, each one had their nice little moments, and I liked that it didn't require them to do some choreography somewhere in the performance. Good job! 8

Honey G

Saara Aalto


Anonymous said...

Wow... you actually thought Four of Diamonds' harmonies were "lovely". I found them atrocious and really hard on the ears. I've been waiting for someone to do Wilson Phillips on this type of show... unfortunately, these ladies ruined it for me. I would have put them firmly on the bottom with Sam (this week) and Ryan (every week).

Normally, I would put Honey G on the bottom... but I actually (reluctantly) thought she was fairly decent this week.

Although I'm pretty sure it won't happen (since voters don't seem to like Saara all that much), I'd like to see Saara and Matt as the final two.

DAM said...

Anonymous: Yes, I actually found their harmonies, for the most part, lovely and it's the best they ever sounded together without relying to much on a heavy backtrack.

Honey G is everything that's wrong in X Factor or the music industry in general. Can't stand the joke act.

I'm hoping for a Saara-Matt-5 After Midnight trio, but I don't think I'll be getting that.

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