Monday, July 1, 2013

Movie Review: Four Sisters and a Wedding

Please don't let the horribly cheesy title keep you away from watching this film, because while Four Sisters and a Wedding was a little problematic in parts, this was another solid outing from Star Cinema. The story wasn't out of the ordinary and everything felt like it was molded with their usual formula, but there was something refreshing and sharp about the film's undemanding humor and the drama that came with it. The performances and comedic timing of the cast were just about right, especially Bea Alonzo, and the direction was excellent as it managed to control things carefully given all the subplots - it could have easily been an incoherent mess! The abrupt shift from comedy to drama especially towards the end was a bit jarring though, but that last act was too powerful that my emotions went beyond crying as I just sat there in disbelief and was affected in a way that NEVER existed before. Four Sister and a Wedding wasn't perfect by any means, but for what it's worth, the movie was able to send a grown man out of the theater and pretend that he never shed a tear. Haha. 8


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