Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Movie Review: The Lone Ranger

While not exactly a terrible film, The Lone Ranger was exceedingly boring that it had me in a stupefied coma for the most part. Granted, this was a well made production with an outstanding cinematography and some pretty decent action sequences, everything else felt cluttered and overblown. This should have been a fun ride, but somehow, the film decided to acquire some serious mood swings in terms of tone from action to the abrupt shift to dumb slapstick humor and that really bothered me. The performances weren't all that great too. Armie Hammer came off as too vanilla with not enough gravitas to pull off the lead role, and Johnny Depp was just silly and wretched. Oh, and the film was unforgivably long and that story telling to the kid was extremely pointless! The Lone Ranger was quite a letdown. Lifeless and dull. 4.5


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