Saturday, July 6, 2013

Movie Review: White House Down

White House Down wasn't as intense as Olympus Has Fallen, which was arguably a good action movie for tough guys, but this one actually worked best as an action popcorn flick. The special effects were moderately used, the action sequences were well choreographed, the acting was generally good, the chemistry between Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum was remarkable and the film was evenly paced. It lacked some serious punch and it was overly sentimental and cheesy in parts, but it had enough emotion and more witty quips and humor break up to compensate for that. To be honest, I do prefer this over Olympus Has Fallen by a very slight margin as this just confirmed that movies don't have to be too serious or intellectual to be enjoyed. White House Down just had the perfect mix of everything. 7.5


Mark said...

Now this is where we differ lol
I myself can't help but compare White House Down to Olympus Has Fallen, and I prefer the latter.

First, I like the way White House was attacked in OHF. It's more powerful and scarier (if you think about it in real life). And of course the direction of the movie itself.
Second, the title. "White House Down" sounds recycled. (Black Hawk?) lol

But to be fair, I like the chopper tour in the Lincoln Memorial Pool in White House Down :P

I'm not bashing the review, for the record. I'm just surprised we differ views in this, coz we usually agree with movies LOL

DAM said...

Mark: HAHA. Well, I said "slightly" prefer. By a hair maybe, just because this one didn't take itself too seriously, but I enjoyed Olympus Has Fallen as well. Read kaya my review on that! :P

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