Friday, February 21, 2014

American Idol 13: Top 20 Results Show

The results extravaganza flew by and we were left with thirteen dazed, confused, and excited finalists sitting in the increasingly uncomfortable metal stools from hell. Some of them sailed through based on their performances earlier in the week, while three of them were given a chance at redemption. I didn't particularly agree with most of the wildcard picks other than one, but I digress. They'll be eliminated anytime soon anyway.

Oh, and the guys who made it based on votes were ALL white guys!! Haha. 

Results after the jump!

TOP 10
Malaya Watson
Ben Briley
Emily Piriz
Alex Preston
Jessica Meuse
Dexter Roberts
Caleb Johnson
Majesty Rose
MK Nobilette
Sam Woolf


CJ Harris
Bring It Home To Me
I enjoyed his performance of this exact song during Hollywood week, but something about this rendition felt a little tentative. Not sure if it was his delivery or if it was the actual nerves, but between yesterday and this, I'm not actually feeling CJ. 5.5

Jena Irene
Original Song
Fantastic! Her voice sounded amazing on her original song. She soared high and the nuances she put into her delivery was pretty awesome. A lot better than her cover of Paint It Black. 7.5

Spencer Lloyd
Original Song
I like Spencer, but not with this song. It's a shame because I think he did better than Kristen and he has a lot more star power and charisma than her. If he did Say Something instead, he would've knocked her out of the Wildcard list. 5.5

Bria Anai
It's A Man's World
I slightly agree with Harry that Bria's pitch went off towards the end, but for the most part, this was actually a lot better than her actual Top 20 performance. She was connected with the song and there were a couple of nice moments in there. 5.5

Kristen O'Connor
I seriously don't understand what the judges saw in her. Sure, she has a nice tone, but she's mostly behind the track and she delivered it like a usual pageant girl. She's bland and boring. Ugh. Why not have Briana Oakley perform instead of her, which was more interesting. 5

Jena Irene
Kristen O'Connor
CJ Harris


Joker said...

Totally agree!! Why not letting Briana sing? With her rendition of Royals in group week alone, I found her a lot more interesting than most of wildcard picks.

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