Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Voice 6: Blind Auditions Part 1

They're back already?! I'm not really complaining as I somehow prefer this panel than that with Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green, but I hope they just rest for a while. That said, the coaches all seem so much more animated and energized compared to Season 4.

Oh, and like every other season, Adam got some of the best contestants again. The problem with being on Team Adam is that he always gets these awesome singers and when the Battle Rounds are about to begin, it would be WAY difficult to survive. Also, poor Shakira! She's more feisty this season, but contestants still don't choose her. Haha.

On with the show!

Christina Grimmie
Wrecking Ball
I'm quite shocked at how much I liked this. Yes, the upper end of her range kind of grates - reminds me so much of Cassadee Pope's - but the way she navigated this stylistic song's melody was pretty compelling. She has a crazy range, great stage presence, and actually has a lovely tone when she sings softly. Given the right guidance, she could be a force this season. 8

TJ Wilkins
Benny and the Jets
Not bad, but something about him screams Battle Round fodder. I don't know. I can see him quickly becoming boring despite his smooth and lovely tone. 6.5

Kristen Merlin
Something More
She has a nice voice, but I didn't really like how shaky her voice throughout the whole performance. As Blake mentioned, she needs to learn how to control her vibrato. Also, I would always be wary if Blake doesn't turn for a Country contestant. 6

Biff George
A Change Is Gonna Come
Was it just me or did Usher look sorry he turned his chair for the guy? Haha. I can't say that Biff is a bad singer, but he's got a very common voice and I question f he has star quality to actually win this whole thing. 5.5

Dawn and Hawkes
I've Just Seen A Face
A hipster version of X Factor's Alex & Sierra. Haha. This I like! Their harmonies sounded lovely, their individual voices were distinct, and bonus points for picking one of The Beatles' most underappreciated songs. I hope they will eventually show variety as rainbows and butterflies all the time will be quite annoying no? 7.5

Jeremy Briggs
Bad Company
Very nice. I loved how his voice soared on the song and his musical taste. He sounded like a seasoned performer and I appreciated how he didn't go over the top with the crazy notes. If he gets the right songs, Jeremy can do some actually damage in the competition. 7

Jake Worthington
Don't Close Your Eyes
Eh. He's dull. Nothing I've NEVER seen before and quite frankly, I was just waiting for this to be over. 5

Bria Kelly
Streamroller Blues
Holy cow!! THIS WAS SERIOUSLY FANTASTIC! She reminded me of Jacquie Lee, but better, if you know what I mean. 9


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