Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Voice 6: Blind Auditions Part 2

Truth be told, I SERIOUSLY love the chemistry between the four coaches, but sadly, this episode was lackluster at best. It was like I was watching Battle Round fodders have their separate episode. There were slight moments of greatness in some of them, but I honestly didn't see anyone who's worthy of winning this whole enchilada. I'm hoping that things will pick up next week.

On with the show!

Delvin Choice
A Song For You
He has a nice texture to his voice that give it character and his vocal control was impressive, but I don't think he's worthy of a four chair turn. Something's missing, which I can't put my finger just yet. 6.5

Madilyn Paige
Sure, she seemed nervous throughout the number, which made her vocals a bit shaky in parts, but she has a nice tone and sounded sweet. She actually reminded me of Caroline Pennell from last season. I think she could be a dark horse, especially with Usher to back her up. 7

Noah Lis
Me & Mrs. Jones
I've heard lounge singers that are much better than this. Sorry. 4.5

Deja Hall
True Colors
I have reservations with this song choice in general, but Deja's voice intrigued me. Her vocals sounded controlled and lovely especially towards the end and this made me want to see more from her. It's interesting as well that she didn't go for the high notes. Not sure if she didn't have the range to pull it off or she was just trying to play on restraint. 7

Cary Laine
Better Dig Two
Did I miss something? Why did everyone turn for her? She has nice voice, but I don't think she's all that. Her phrasing was choppy and the delivery sounded weird. 6


Japhet Luistro said...

Cary Laine kind of looks like Skylar Laine and they coincidentally have the last name... are they related in some way???

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