Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Movie Review: The Purge: Anarchy

Not sure if I liked The Purge: Anarchy better than its predecessor - I personally thought the first one had more focus as this seemed a bit rushed and chaotic with way too many characters - but given the same narrative and ludicrous premise with little alterations from the original, the film actually managed to contain the appeal that's pretty compelling. The mindless violence was still there, it was still quite insightful, and there's a broader scale to the whole concept. It was, however, dragged down by the stilted dialogue - especially when it tried to push the message of the film - and a host of incredibly annoying characters with disingenuous performances in general. The Purge: Anarchy was a rare conceptual film that unfortunately lacked some real depth. It was still entertaining, and that's about it. 5.5


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