Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Voice 7: Blind Auditions Part 3

And I am back - I missed out the second Blind Auditions! As usual, a group of people will try to impress the coaches with just their voices, which then the coaches will beg for them eventually. Haha. It's a pretty interesting twist no? The auditions were mostly good, but somehow, I already feel exhausted. Is it just me or the whole novelty of the turning red tables becoming stale? Oh well.

On with the Blind Auditions!

John Martin
Sweat Pea
Other than the fact that John's obviously good looking, he actually has a pretty strong voice with a lot of charm and he plays the guitar. He did hit a couple of wobbly notes towards the end, but I digress. If Blake mentors him well, he'd be unstoppable. 7.5

Jessie Pitts
The Story
Jessie's like a less interesting version of Caroline Pennel. She has  a quirky tone that's not entirely refreshing anymore - especially with The Voice - and her vocals were pretty solid, but I don't see her as a real contender. 5

Ricky Manning
Love Me Again
Yes, his vocals were pretty consistent as mentioned by Pharrell, but to a fault. It was too consistent that I was hoping for more dynamics in his delivery. His runs were tight though. 6.5

Kelli Douglas
Danny's Song
Was it just me or was she having trouble with her pitch? She started off really rough and while she somehow recovered in the middle section of the song, she still sounded too breathy for my taste. I don't know. 6

Blessing Offer
Just The Two Of Us
I didn't like him when he joined Platinum Hit a couple of years ago - more of a songwriting competition than an actual singing show - and I don't think he made me a fan after this. His pitch was uneven for the most part and it was just mediocre at best. 5

Troy Ritchie
Out Of My League
Solid vocals. Good range. Interesting song choice. Not sure how far Gwen can take him, but he has a good voice with a ton of charisma on stage. 7.5

Mia Pfirrman
Eh. She can definitely sing and her range is pretty astounding, but I don't see anything special about her. The way she tackled the Katy Perry song was karaoke for me. 6.5

Bree Fondacaro
It Ain't Me Babe
Not a fan of her tone. There's something fragile about her voice that I'm not entirely digging. I don't know. It's too delicate that it's quite uncomfortable to listen to. Ack!

Anita Antoinette
Turn The Lights Down Low
Very interesting. I didn't expect much from her, but how she delivered the song was pretty fantastic. The reggae inflections were sublime, her voice had power, and she had control over her vocals. I'd watch out for her. Good one. 8


Anonymous said...

Nice to see Anita auditioned again. She's really good.

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