Thursday, August 22, 2013

Movie Review: The Purge

There's no actual gore, there's not an absurd amount of action and none of it was surprising - there was no shocking twists and everything flowed along pretty generically. Yes, the premise was too ludicrous for this to actually work as a brilliant film, but The Purge had the potential to be an entertaining one and a goldmine for social commentary. Was the concept fully explored? No, and that's unfortunate, but this film got some reaction out of me, and somehow served as a good documentation of human conscience, which was surprisingly insightful. It did lack in character development though as I felt disconnected to most of them. In fact, I was hoping for some of them to die - Max Burkholder's character was instantly hateable - or perhaps representative of my own subconscious feelings to purge. This was a very visceral film, but The Purge certainly wasn't memorable enough to be a classic and the execution relied to much on the same cliches. Just enjoy it for what it is. 6


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