Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Voice 7: Blind Auditions Part 4

Tonight wasn't too bad of an episode. In fact, quite a few singers tonight stood out. Finally! I'm still not too ecstatic with any of the Blind Auditions though like when Sarah Simmons' One Of Us or Christina Grimmie's Wrecking Ball. That said, I'm still pretty optimistic.

On with the show!

Katriz Trinidad
At Last
Whoa. I had some reservations with her song choice, but how she tackled the song was quite impressive. Her runs were clean and precise and her tone was gorgeous. She came off a little polished for my liking, but that's something she can learn in the process. 7.5

Ethan Butler
Beneath Your Beautiful
Unbelievably effortless singing. His version of the song was pretty refreshing, his vocals were good, and there's something quite lovely about how he delivered his runs. 7.5

Tanner Linford
When You Say Nothing At All
Say NO to kids. Go to school. Next. 5

Jean Kelley
Already Gone
She has a nice voice, but that's about it. She just doesn't excite me enough to write anything else. Ha. 6.5

Chris Jamison
Terrific. He did a bit too much with the song, but Chris has a beautiful voice with great dynamics and superb tone. 8

Craig Wayne
The Whiskey Ain't Working
Strong vocals. Country singer. Not for me. 6.5

Toia Jones
One And Only
So confusing. How did she only get two coaches to turn for her? Her vocals were awesome, her control was impressive, and her pitch was on point. Great! 8

Amanda Lee Peers
Put The Gun Down
I admit, I did not know the song Amanda was singing, but she sold it like she actually wrote it. She had good stage presence, there's a texture to her voice that I liked, and she seemed very cool. 7.5

Jonathan Wyndham
Say Something
This was lovely. I don't think he deserved that 4-chair turn as I felt a little cold towards the end - he seemed a bit tentative - but his vocals were mostly spot on. But yes, I'm reserving my judgement for the Battles with this guy. 7


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