Sunday, December 14, 2014

X Factor UK: Top 3

Well, that was fast! The Finale is here and the performances were pretty good. I mean, it really felt like everyone's fighting to be the last one standing that at one point, I didn't really care who gets the win at the end. Oh, and the duets were surprisingly good. 

On with the show!


03. Andrea Faustini
Feeling Good
It felt wrong to rank him at the bottom, but with all of them delivering good performances, I personally thought the song choice did him in. He sounded fantastic though especially towards the end.

02. Ben Haenow
The breaking of glass was a bit dramatic, but I actually didn't mind. His vocals were on point, I liked that his voice soared to that one specific high not at the end, and this actually showed how he would fit into modern rock, which is very smart.

01. Fleur East
Can't Hold Us
Look, her vocals weren't as clean as Andrea's or didn't soar as high as Ben's, but this was a very entertaining performance that came off every bit like a credible pop star. The production was unbelievable, and while there was really too much going on, it still felt right.


03. Fleur East
Beneath Your Beautiful (with Labrinth)
Not sure if it was Labrinth's choppy phrasing or the song itself, but Fleur's inability to sound soft and delicate made this performance a little rough.

02. Ben Haenow
Thinking Out Loud (with Ed Sheeran)
This was lovely. Nothing particularly mind blowing, but the mix of Ed Sheeran's smooth vocals and Ben's gritty voice was pretty fantastic. 

01. Andrea Faustini
Ghost (with Ella Henderson)
Why can't he not perform something current like this every single week? He proved he can tackle something from this decade with Chandelier and Wrecking Ball and he sounded fabulous most of the time. So, yes, this was another solid performance. Plus, that ad libs towards the end with Ella was glorious. 

Fleur East
Ben Haenow

Andrea Faustini


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