Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Voice Philippines 2: Top 16 Live Show Part 2

I didn't enjoy this group more than what Team Sarah and Team Apl had to offer. The song choices here were a little too outdated - especially Lea Salonga's choices - and Bamboo's team were a bit underwhelming. I'm still cautiously optimistic that we'll be able to get some stunning performances from the remaining contestants soon. 

On with the show!


04. Miro Valera
Kiss From A Rose
Not sure if he had a hard time hearing his own voice, he sounded like he had trouble finding the right notes throughout that entire number. The notes were all over the place and he began at was an awful key. He tried to salvage it towards the end, but it was too late. 3.5

03. Leah Patricio
What was up with this song choice? This didn't feel current, she sounded like she was competing during the 90s when belters were a big hit, and her pitch towards the end was a mess. She started off nice, but when she decided to just go crazy with the transitions and all those vocal acrobatics, it sounded whiny, sharp, and she could never quite rest on one single note before flitting off to another one. Do we really need another cookie-cutter singer in this country? Show us something else, Leah! 5

02. Nino Alejandro
Living On A Prayer
Nino sang Living On A Prayer and turned in another lazy and throwaway performance. It was shouty, uneven, and the very definition of karaoke track. Yes, he sounded good, and his thunderous voice filled the studio, but I didn't feel like he had any connection with the lyrics of the piece. There's a difference between theatricality and showmanship. Theatricality requires you to be able to connect with your audience and find a way to tell them a story on a deeper level. A showman is just a clown. Not sure which Nino is at the moment. 5.5

01. Timmy Pavino
My Heart Will Go On
This song choice made him the most predictable contestant this week. So many songs to choose from and he landed on a song that has been done to death. Sure, he was relatively better than most of the people on Lea Salonga's team, but that's mostly by default. He sounded good, but there was such little connection to the song that I was completely taken out of the moment. Case in point, the last glory note that confused the hell out of me. It didn't make sense in the context of the song. Why? 6

Leah Patricio
Timmy Pavino
Nino Alejandro



04. Rence Rapanot
Para Sa Masa
I will NEVER get the appeal of Rence. There's no star potential there, I don't know what type of music he wants to pursue and I feel like he sings super safe karaoke songs week after week. His version of Para Sa Masa was vocally fine note to note, but the dynamics were non-existent - he just shouted the words of the song - it was just incredibly generic, and blah. 4

03. Tanya Diaz
Take Me To Church
Such a shame. I was genuinely hoping she'd pull this off, but then she came in a measure too early during the first verse causing her to meltdown for the rest of the number. There were certainly some nice vocal choices, but she could never quite return to form after her flub. 5

02. Rita Martinez
Sweet Dreams
Why was I bored with this performance? To me, this week was no different, except for the fact that she was given a song that just didn't go anywhere. It just slowly walked by and no one cared. It was monotonous and I was bored from start to finish. There was no chances being taken here. 5.5

01. Kai Honasan
She maybe very polarizing, but this was strong vocally, and the performance made sense, for the most part. The low key arrangement was a very smart choice, the simplicity she brought to the table was a very smart choice, and there's just a pure quality to her performance that I enjoyed. Her voice maybe a little affected, but that's something I'm willing to forgive. 6.5

Rence Rapanot
Rita Martinez
Tanya Diaz


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