Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Voice Philippines 2: Top 8 Live Show (Semifinals)

Why do I feel incredibly exhausted with this season of The Voice Philippines? Was it the predictable song choices? The annoying decisions by the coaches throughout the season? The lack of creativity and originality in every single performances? I know. It's the idiotic format!

It's annoying how they let the public vote and then give the coaches the power to pick who they want to advance. It's stupid as that 10% difference between there scores are enough to trump the public vote. If they really want to let the public decide, then split it in half!

This is why I HATE the fact that at this round, the coaches still have so much CONTROL over who goes home. ENOUGH! This show just wasted people's votes (and money!). Such a shame!

On with the show!


02. Jason Dy
Back At One
Vocally, Jason had a slight advantage over Monique as his tone was crystal clear, his runs were more precise, and the liberties he took with the melody were on point. However, the absence of an actual emotion in his performance was a little off putting from the little smile in awkward places and the pointless wandering around. I want a connection with the lyrics, not just the notes. 5.5

01. Monique Lualhati
Even if this song was a smart song choice for being the only contestant to focus on her stage presentation as much as her vocals, this added nothing to Monique as a performer and came across as an incredibly professional karaoke cover. Plus, her voice were too flushed out by the band and backup singers that I had a hard time appreciating how solid her vocals were. 6.5

 (Public Vote + Sarah's Score)
 Jason Dy


02. Alisah Bonaobra
Lipad Ng Pangarap
Sure, this was strong enough performance wise to get rid of any doubts that she deserves to be here, but this just seemed a tad predictable and didn’t really do her any great favors. What else can she offer other than the usual singing competition staples? Nothing. 5

01. Daryl Ong
Take Me Out Of The Dark
I would not have picked this song for Daryl, but that didn’t make it any less impressive. The vocals were strong and consistent, the performance was well-crafted, and it was just an overall fantastic number. 8

(Public Vote + APL's Score)
Alisah Bonaobra
(Note: Daryl got most of the public votes!)


02. Rence Rapanot
Ikaw At Ako
No comment. 2

01. Rita Martinez
Rita really did try to deliver something special, but this was just a serviceable version of the song. The only thing working for her is the fact that she's up against Rence and that dude is just less than mediocre. 5

(Public Vote + Bamboo's Score) 
Rence Rapanot


02. Timmy Pavino
Ikaw Lamang
Vocally, the performance was solid enough, but from a song choice standpoint, I just shook my head. You don’t pick ANOTHER karaoke song that has been covered a million times before to stand out in this competition. You just don't. But this is Timmy we're talking about, so I will just give up. 5

01. Leah Patricio
Ikaw Lamang Ang Mamahalin
This is a woman who is not connecting with the audience as she's consistently circling the drain when the results are announced every week, but she's been proving to be a worthy singer. No, she's not better than any of Team Sarah - she's just as good though - but the old fashioned song choices are disappointing. Do we really need another diva? We've already have A LOT of them! 6

(Public Vote + Lea's Score) 
Leah Patricio
(Note: Timmy got most of the public votes!)


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