Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Voice 9: Blind Auditions Part 1

Guess what? The Voice is now on it's ninth season! It's crazy! Can't they take a longer break? Both Blake Shelton and Adam Levine need it! Haha.

Tonight, the blind auditions ranged from decent to good. Nothing stood out really in a Christina Grimmie, Kimberly Nichole, Javier Colon, Taylor Phelan, India Carney kind of way. I'm hoping this year will match or even top the epicness that was Season 8.

On with the show!

Mark Hood
Use Me
His performance got a bit manic towards the end, but for the most part, this was a pretty solid opener of the season. His soulful tone sounded good, there's a texture to his voice that's quite interesting, and there's personality to his delivery. 7

Kota Wade
Bring It Home To Me
This wasn't bad, but there was something about her tone - especially when she pushed her vocals at the edge of her range - that's slightly grating. Not sure if there's something she can do about it. Song choice, maybe? 5

Keith Semple
I'll Be There For You
His vocals sounded strong, but he never veered away from the melody and phrasing of the original that it sounded like a decent karaoke cover of the song and nothing else. 5.5

Siahna Kim
I admit, I couldn't attach the voice, the singer, and the song choice all together, but Siahna's blind audition oddly worked. There's a slinky-ness to her delivery that's very compelling, some solid melodic choices, and a lovely tone. 7.5

Jordan Smith
I've heard A LOT of covers of this song from different reality singing shows across the world, and while Jordan's wasn't as spectacular as some, this was good enough for him to advance to the Battle Rounds. His rich tone gave his interpretation a lot more depth and I like that he didn't use his falsetto as much as I expected. Quite interested how far he'll go this season. 7.5

Nadjah Nicole
Wow. I expected her to bring all the fun and energy the song required, but she just stood there and sang a competent version of the song. Her vocals were mostly spot on - save for some screechy notes - but there's a lack of dynamics to it. Yes, she did try to notch it higher - or lower for that matter - but it sounded monotonous for some strange reason. 6

Braiden Sunshine
The Mountain Wins Again
Can't really fault his vocals as it sounded on point, but why was I so bored? He reminded me of Sawyer Fredericks - a kid who sounded a lot older than he actually is. Maybe that's why? 6.5

Barrett Barber
Angel Eyes
This was pretty terrific. Not sure of the song choice -  maybe because it was obscure to me - but he delivered it with such conviction and passion that he actually sold it to me. There's a palpable connection to the song that's quite riveting. 8


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