Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Voice 9: Blind Auditions Part 3

While I'm still not particularly sold on anyone yet this season, I've seen a couple of potential artists that I can get behind. That said, this phase of the competition is getting a bit tired and to some extent a bit labored no? I wonder how many episodes of this.

On with the show!

Morgan Frazeir
I Want You To Want Me
The delicate quality of her voice was front and center during the verses, but there was also an understated power as the song progressed. Not sure if it was memorable enough as I thought her voice was a little bit on the generic side. 6

Amanda Ayala
Mississippi Queen
Eh. There's something about how she hits the end of her phrases that somehow threw me off. I don't know. Her pitch sounded a bit under throughout the performance and it was all sorts of blah. 4.5

Jeffrey Justin
Lay Me Down
From the texture of his voice down to that impressive range, Jeffrey's blind audition was pretty stellar. Yes, it needed a little bit of emotion, but the soulful tone and his precise runs were all that mattered. 8

Lyndsey Elm
Lips Are Movin'
Brilliant arrangement. Lovely phrasing. Solid vocals. This was pretty sassy take on Meghan Trainor's hit. I didn't expect much, but I really dig what she did with the song. Very nice. 8

Manny Cabo
Here Go Again
I must say, I can't fault his vocals. His pitch was spot on, his transitions were clean, and that wail at the end sounded on point. That said, I just couldn't shake the fact that he did come off a bit outdated. 7

Madi Davis
It's Too Late
Other than the fact that her song choice was awesome, I thought her quirky tone matched perfectly the arrangement she did with the song. Sure, some parts of her voice sounded a tad affected, but that's something she could work on - or maybe not? 7.5

Chris Crump
Thinking Out Loud
While it wasn't the best blind audition I've seen in recent memory, there's a certain charm to his performance that made everything worked. Not to say that it was all charm because he did sound great - especially towards the end - but he's quite appealing. 7.5

Tyler Dickerson
Hard To Handle
He survived the rapid fire lyrics of the song and yet, there's a shocking clarity to his delivery. His tone sounded perfect with the song, the liberties he took were informed, and he looked really comfortable on stage. I have a funny feeling we'll be seeing more of Tyler this season. 8

Jubal and Amanda
Seven Bridges Road
I did not like this. Their voices were all over the place, the whole performance was sleepy, and it was just mediocre at best. Did they let this close the episode just because of the proposal? Seriously? 3


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Hey Dam, The X Factor UK will have its 6 Chair Challenge sunday, would you please review it? You won't regret it, the talent this year is incredible! Please do it, just like you always did with The X Factor US!

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