Monday, December 7, 2015

Movie Review: A Good Dinosaur

There's very few films that I'd see based solely on a name attached to it. One of these would be a film by Christopher Nolan or David Fincher and another would be a film by Pixar. They have produced some of the best animated films EVER and anyone who has seen classics like Toy Story or Finding Nemo or Up will realize that that is more than enough to make you go and see A Good Dinosaur. So, how did this movie live up to the legacy of Pixar? Quite frankly, it's not my favorite, but it had its moments. The visuals were richly detailed, the landscape was quite lush and sumptuous, and the character designs were awesome. The narrative was a little predictable and the story developed at a slower than expected pace with a relatively dry first half, but the build up was measured and it got better as the story progressed. Oh, and that delivery of the final act made it all worthwhile with Pixar's unique tradition of sending grown men out of the theater pretending that they NEVER shed a tear. Haha. A Good Dinosaur was almost a forgettable film until it ended with that fuzzy feeling that was all too familiar to ignore. A story with a lot of heart. 7.5


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