Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Movie Review: A Second Chance

A Second Chance is very much a personal experience for a viewer and one's like or dislike for the film will rely heavily on their own life experience and the status of the relationships they're currently in. Maybe I'm not in that stage that I needed to be in to appreciate A Second Chance, or maybe I'm still too idealistic, but I genuinely preferred One More Chance more than this one. To me, this film, arguably, lost the magic and charm of its predecessor, although there was still so much to commend about it. Both Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz remained stellar as Popoy and Basha and their chemistry was still undeniable. The maturity they brought to their characters was pretty spot on and that made for a believable squabbling couple. The script was also incredibly well-written - if a little over-the-top and slightly pretentious - and the supporting cast, once again, provided dimension to the narrative. The fights, while astonishingly realistic, came off as a plot device more than anything though. A Second Chance was intriguing at the very least and provided some interesting insights and arguments. Not my favorite, but good enough. That is all. 7


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