Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Movie Review: The Expendables 3

Let's be honest, nobody goes to The Expendables film expecting superb acting talent or deep storytelling. It has always been about the variety of brain dead action scenes, cheesy one-liners and some real throwback excessive violence in heaps from our action legends. So when The Expendables 3 took that away, things just became a mess. Sure, there were still a couple of incredible action set pieces here and there, and the final showdown was quite nifty, but the decision to add new young members in the group was a little problematic. They hog much of the screen time, which could've been easily given to Wesley Snipes or Antonio Banderas or Harrison Ford. This was also a complete stylistic departure from previous films as this installment didn't feel like an ensemble, but more of a Stallone film with his buddies. It took itself a bit too seriously that it ended up as a pretty drab affair. Truth be told, The Expendables 3 was still pretty entertaining, but with the addition of fairly unknown stars, I felt it took away some of the core. Such a shame. 5.5


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