Friday, August 1, 2014

Movie Review: Step Up All In

Let's face it! Nobody goes to a Step Up film expecting some real character development, top notch acting, and groundbreaking storyline. If you do, I will personally slap you in the face! Haha. The Step Up franchise had always been all about the big spectacular dance sequences and nothing else. So it was pretty surprising that Step Up All In ended up to be the most underwhelming of all the Step Up films. The choreography was surprisingly bland, the editing was a mess, and there was nothing remotely memorable unlike its predecessor. It was such a shame as they've been getting better and better with every sequel. I left my intellectual standards out the door - as I always do with all Step Up films - and yet came out still disappointed. I mean, if they can't deliver on the dancing, what's there left with the film? Sadly, Step Up All In was just a long bland shambles of a film. 4


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