Sunday, October 5, 2014

Movie Review: The Maze Runner

Adaptations of young adult novels to film are now a dime a dozen and while The Maze Runner didn't really do anything that I have not seen before, this was still a surprisingly solid entertaining little movie. The premise was intriguing, there was a decent amount of mystery, and the plot runs pretty evenly with minimal drag. The acting across the board was also quite good especially Dylan O' Brian who carried the film with great depth to his character. A lot of the characters were underdeveloped and dry though, and that's mostly on the writing. The visual effects, for the most part, were stunningly executed and well shot, and some of the action sequences were awesome. Everything went well until the sloppy ending that pulled this film to a rot. It was just horribly executed. It didn't ruin The Maze Runner entirely, but it just left the movie a lot flawed than I expected. 6.5


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