Monday, October 13, 2014

X Factor UK 11: Top 16

I had a go last year after not writing about the show since Season 7, but I gave up on the show after Top 6 as the performances were mostly mediocre. There were a couple of stand out performances, they were so few I just couldn't.

Fast forward to Season 11 and I've decided to give this another go. I passed on X Factor Australia this year - though there are some fantastic performances in there - as I was a bit late with that edition, so I think it's best to focus with the UK version of the show.

I will be ranking the performances from worst to best every week with some short commentaries on their performances.

On with the show!

16. Stevie Ritchie
Livin' La Vida Loca
Do we need another Wagner on this show? He's not as bad, but still. 

15. Stephanie Nala
Everything I Own
Shrill and bland. 

14. Stereo Kicks
So chaotic. Can they cut them in half, especially if not all of them will have solos? What's the point?

13. Only The Young
Jailhouse Rock/Twist N Shout
Annoyingly predictable. Hence, boring. 

12. Overload Generation
I Kissed A Girl
Not bad, but not good. At least they're not a mess to watch. 

11. Blonde Electra
Kids In America
Too much going on, but this surprised me. I was expecting to hate it, but the singing was better than I expected.

10. Jack Walton
Only Girl (In The World)
I've heard so many versions of this done acoustic, and this one paled in comparison.

09. Jake Quickenden
She's The One
Nice, but nothing special. 

08. Lola Saunders
Stay With Me
Her nerves will be the end of her. She needs to do something about it. Stat.

07. Chloe Jasmine
Her vocals were uneven, but her jazz inflections and sultriness made her stood out.

06. Ben Haenow
Bridge Over Troubled Water
His vocals had too much grit that it became annoying in parts, but there's power and conviction to his delivery. 

05. Paul Akister
He was overpowered by the band especially when the chorus hit, but his vocals soared. 

04. Fleur East
All About That Bass
Sassy. Abs. Hair. 

03. Jay James
Who knew? I was expecting another ballad from him and I'd probably punch my face to sleep, but this was a refreshing side of Jay. Fantastic. 

02. Lauren Platt
The first half was lovely, the arrangement was fantastic, and while the whole effect wasn't particularly successful - it just didn't go anywhere - the performance was memorable.

01. Andrea Faustini
Earth Song


Anonymous said...

I hope you will just post a wrap-up list of X Factor Australia 6 because I definitely would love to know your thoughts about the best performances of the season. I missed reading your posts ;)

DAM said...

rchlcrz: that's what i'm planning to do. :)

Anonymous said...

man I'm sick of these boy bands, especially stereo kicks talk about over the top at least make them an acapella since there is so many of them. Every season of every xfactor version we keep seeing a 1D copy. I too would like to hear your thoughts on the Aus xfactor.

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