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American Idol 11: Top 12 Girls

I think, this was by far one of the strongest group of 12 girls EVER. There were, at least, 8 ladies that could easily be put in the Top 13 and it's actually a pretty awesome line-up. What a great night of entertainment! Really. These girls were kicking some serious boy butt. HAHA.

Oh, and the judges started being constructive again! Wow. It was a bit unfair though that they did it just now when the boys actually gave some pretty awful performances a few nights ago. But, at least, we had judges last night no? Hopefully, that just doesn’t last for the female contestants ONLY!

Anyway, here we go!

DISCLAIMER: I am no expert, but this is my opinion - to each his own - and yours will be in the comments below! Haha. 

12. Haley Johnsen
Sweet Dreams
Dear Annie Lennox, I'm so sorry she did that. Haha. Gawd! How can Haley smile while putting out that awful noise? I admit, I was really intrigued with what she could do - mostly due to the lack of screen time before the semifinals - but that performance was just unfortunate. She should've picked a different song for her unique tone because Sweet Dreams is a dangerous song that almost nobody can pull off since it's too stylized. Her vocals were all over the place and when she went off pitch after the first verse, she was just unable to get back on and instead just threw a couple of reckless runs and riffs. Again, unfortunate! 2/10

11. Baylie Brown
After Rachel Zevita from last year, she's another Season 6 returnee who will have a very short stay on the show. Poor Baylie, she really did choke last night. I had such high hopes for her, but she was almost entirely flat during the verses. She managed to pick upsome steam towards the end, but her voice was too weak to recover fully. She's incredibly gorgeous, I'll give her that. 5/10

10. Brielle Von Hugel
Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay
Way to be relevant with that song choice! Haha. I hate to say this, but Brielle's performance wasn't that bad. She started out really low, which she doesn't have enough of that range to support her voice, but when she hit the chorus, some of the vocal choices she made were actually pretty interesting. Somehow - you may shoot me! - her tone reminded me of Haley Reinhart. Gah! Regardless, Brielle's going home. B*tch edit + Early Performance = Goodbye! Hope you liked your moment in the spotlight! 5.5/10

09. Chelsea Sorrell
Cowboy Casanova
Her song choice was actually interesting - despite the fact that it's a Carrie Underwood song - but somehow it didn't work for her voice. It needed a full sound, but all she gave was a slight opening in her mouth that made her enunciation too muddled and she sounded thin, sharp and almost nasally - especially in her higher register. Plus, she was a little bouncy that she lost her breath a bit. The performance wasn't all that bad as she was at least entertaining, but I know she could've done better. 6/10

08. Jen Hirsh
One And Only
It's so sad that she had to perform the same song that Elise Testone killed later in the episode, which I will discuss below. While she had a much clearer, smoother and better supported voice than Elise, she seemed like she was trying WAY too hard on this performance. Jen attempted to be soulful, but she failed. To me, she lacked that important connection to the song to actually make a bigger impression to America and yes, she became a bit shouty towards the end. Such a shame, because she was obviously a frontrunner and while she delivered a competent vocal performance, this clearly wasn't her best. 6.5/10

07. Shannon Magrane
Go Light Your World
I could have sworn America voted off Ayla Brown back in Season 5 and yet here she is, boring me again! Haha. What was up with the pageanty singing and that baptismal robe? She probably wants world peace no? I don't know. Shannon started uncomfortably low and out of her range, but for the most part, she was in tune with a couple of good choice vocally. The problem I have with her was the fact that she was just annoyingly generic! Oh, and Randy don't even mention Lauryn Hill's name in this performance because she never joined Miss Teen America. I'm pretty sure the key demographic of the show ate this performance up though, so I wouldn't be surprised if she gets through. 6.5/10

06. Hallie Day
Feelin' Good
In her Marilyn Monroe-esque look, Hallie looked like a legitimate star. Vocally, she hit a few wobbly notes in the middle and she had a tendency to hit a note and then fall off of it too soon, but she sounded mostly good to me. She was genuinely expressive and a passionate performer. One major quibble: with a couple of serious heavy hitters, Hallie's performance was relatively forgettable. I think she ha amazing potential though. 6.5/10

05. Erika Van Pelt
What About Love
Erika, to me, is the closest thing to a rocker we have this season. Yes, she can rock that Colton Dixon under the piano! Haha. Her performance was pretty damn solid! Sure, the song choice was a bit overdone and when you've heard it too many times, it loses the spontaneity and urgency, but she commanded the stage with ease, her throaty alto voice was gorgeous and she managed to hit all of her notes quite well. I'm afraid her position last night - singing second - will do her in, but I'm hoping she gets enough from America - or at least with the judges. 7.5/10

04. Hollie Cavanagh
I loathe this song, to be honest, but Hollie sang the crap out of it and gave possibly one of the best technical performances of the night. I thought she executed this Disney song beautifully and maturely and she also managed to showcase her voice and that impressive vocal range. Of course, as it was often the case, the nerves came through in her verses, but once she belted out those high notes, Hollie was unstoppable. She was fierce and this was a classic old-school American Idol performance. Good job! 7.5/10

03. Skylar Laine
Stay With Me
The biggest shocker of the night for me was Skylar Laine. Seriously! It was like sitting down to watch a movie you’re just sure you won’t like, but ended up thoroughly enjoying the show. Skylar was a real firecracker out there who totally connected with her song with great energy and presence and some unbelievable spunk. The performance was a little frenetic, but who cares? I thought she sounded great and she had a shockingly impressive breath support despite all the craziness on stage. She easily demolished Chelsea and Baylie. Oh, and I take back my desire to have no country girls this year. 8/10

02. Elise Testone
One And Only
While her vocals weren't perfect - she hit a few clunkers in there - but her gritty yet polished tone down to her phrasing were amazing. Moreover, Elise accompanied herself with a piano - something we haven't seen since Katelyn Epperly in Season 9 - and that alone made this a LOT better than Jen Hirsh's version. Plus, she was able to connect to the song, which again Jen failed to do. She should be palatable to America as she's talented and has this non-threatening beauty mixed with some humble disposition. I believe she has the potential to be stellar. 8.5/10

01. Jessica Sanchez
Love You, I Do
If this is how Jessica sings when having throat problems, can we look forward to some really good singing when she's already on her top shape? Haha. True, her vocals has some few problems, especially her lower register and a couple of her key changes - probably due to her voice issues - but this performance was just insane. Mighty vocals. Unbelievable stage presence. Great vocal control. Outstanding vocal dynamics. Unreal. 9/10

Who will make the top 5 guys?
Jessica Sanchez

Elise Testone
Skylar Laine
Hollie Cavanagh
Shannon Magrane

Who should make the top 5 guys?
Jessica Sanchez

Elise Testone
Skylar Laine
Hollie Cavanagh
Erika Van Pelt

*Seriously can't find Hollie Cavanagh's performance photo. I'll update once I have it.


X said...

I can't believe you put Hollie in 4th place and not at least 2nd. She was amazing. For me, her and Jessica blew everyone else out of the water. I found everyone else to be average at best.

I was really hoping for better with Baylie... she's just so gorgeous =) I bet if she were a guy, she'd make it through (since I think a majority of voters are female).

Overall, I'm pretty disappointed with this years contestants. I think the only 2 I REALLY enjoyed were Hollie and Jessica. There's a couple that have potential like Reed, and maybe Heejun and Phillip, possibly Shannon and Elise.


Personally, Hollie was technically great. I just enjoyed Skylar and Elise's performances more for very different reasons. Of course, that's very subjective.

As for getting disappointed, I don't want to judge the group this early. I mean, I wasn't that happy with last year's semifinal performances, but it turned out to be a great season. Too early to tell.

Anonymous said...

my top 5 girls: brielle, hollie, elise, jessica and skylar. Though I doubt the first one will make it through, I still voted for her cuz that performance was great.

Anonymous said...

I don´t know why nobody likes Brielle?
I think shes a great singer okay maybe her Mum is a little bit crazy okay..but that doesn´t mean Brielle is.
Like you said Brielles higher register/Notes were great she really has a good blusey voice.
Hope she makes it through but in my backhead i already know she won´t -.-
So my Top 5 Girls that should go through are:
Jessica Sanchez(which is clear)
Hollie Cavanagh (is also clear i think)
Skylar Laine (which was really surprisly last night)
Erika van Pelt (performence was okay but she can do more definetly)
Elise Testone (was really good better then Jen)
i would be happy if brielle would make it through though :D

Anonymous said...

no one likes brielle becaues shes a spoiled brat. did you see how she rolled her eyes with some of her groupmates when they were practicing? and how she addressed herself in third person last night annoyed the crap out of me. shes not even all that. yuck!

my top 5: jessica, erika, hollie, elise, hallie

Anonymous said...

i dont like brielle.. shes such a brat.. haha.. JESSICA for the win!! battle it out with hollie.. but skylar still on my third spot!!

Anonymous said...

this is the problem we got when there is no black diva on the list... a so so girls... with the exception of jessica, hollie and skylar.


But the past three seasons, all black diva have been pretty underwhelming and I personally would consider them as so so girls. Ashthon Jones, Paige Miles and even Lil Rounds were terrible in their seasons.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You totally got the predictions correct and even the lone female wild card, Erika, was on your list on the should be's. :D

Anonymous said...

hey mr. blogger i found a picture of Hollie Cavanagh's performance photo.. just want to share to you.. here's the link.. :D

Anonymous said...

hello, are you going to put the songs just like the past seasons? I somehow miss your artworks.. :D

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