Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Voice Season 2: Battle Rounds (Part 1)

I must be honest, I like the idea of The Battle Rounds. It's intense and it's quite enjoyable. However, it did seem like the coaches already had their minds set before the actual battles, except for maybe Cee Lo. He seemed to be fair and went on the performances in my opinion.

So yes, I believe with every fiber of my being that these battle rounds were pure sham - staged only for the entertainment factor. It really didn't matter how well they performed. I wonder if the results would be different if America got to vote?

Just look at Blake and Adam's first picks. Oh, and last battle was too epic, they could've just eliminated some of the other weaker contestants to give way to the other one who got cut by "default". Just saying.

Anyway, here we go!

Tony Lucca VS Chris Cauley
Beautiful Day

This was a pretty good (or even?) match-up. I thought Tony had a better stage presence, but he missed a note towards the end and I personally found Chris' voice more appealing to me. I don't think the pairing was lopsided, but obviously Tony's on an advantage because he had better "package" during hi audition. I'd prefer Chris, but whatever. 

Tony Lucca

 Adley Stump VS Raelynn
Free Falling

They sure love Free Falling on The Voice no? Last year they used it for a battle and there was an auditioneer this year that also used that song. Haha. Raelynn started off the song unable to find her pitch thus throwing the harmonies off. Good thing, Adley was mostly on point and there's something really pleasant about her tone. Not a fan of her audition, but this was kind of good. To me, Adley vocally stumped Raelynn! But then again, it's dumb when Blake made an excuse of Raelynn's off-key singing because of an emotional performance. Really? For a show that's called The Voice, picking a pitchy singer over one who isn't is totally ironic.


Chris Mann VS Monique Benabou
The Power Of Love

I hate this song with a passion, but somehow I felt like the two performed it quite well. Together, it didn't work for me that much, but individually they had some solid moments. I was surprised with Chris doing a better job than I expected since he has this operatic voice. I somehow enjoyed Monique better because she showed more passion and Chris was so technical and boring to me, but his classical training gave him the edge, I guess. Oh, and he reminds me of Ben Stiller. Haha. 

Chris Mann

Cheesa VS Angie Johnson
Total Eclipse of the Heart

Just from the vocal quality and clarity, I would give the edge to Angie. The whole battle was quite good, I just wasn't as engrossed compared to the others. Cheesa performed well too, but she's just completely forgettable. I have to give it to her though because she seemed like she wanted it more.


Jordis Unga VS Brian Fuente

They both were mediocre - at some point even awful - but Jordis had the edge by just a little because, well, she's Jordis. There was just NO WAY Blake wouldn't pick her. Jordis carried the first part of the song quite well, but then gave up after realizing that it was turning out to be train wreck. Brian's verses on the other hand was just painful. Sad.

Jordis Unga

Anthony Evans VS Jesse Campbell
If I Ain't Got You

Simply mind blowing! Seriously. Good song choice, their harmony meshed perfectly well together, they both had some outstanding moments and they looked like they were really fighting for Christina's vote. I loved that they started out with restraint and build something from there. It was fantastic! I would've gone with Anthony as I prefer the richer tone of his voice and his range was spectacular. It sucked that one of them got sent home when far weaker performers get to advance to the live rounds. Blech

Jesse Campbell


Lucas said...

The only battle whose winner wasn't the one I was rooting for was Cee Lo's. In my opinion Angie had an amazing vocal control and great range while Chessa just seem screamy all the time and looks like is trying too much, but I never like Cee Lo's choices anyway...
I think that even though RaeLynn and Tony went off pitch for a little while their more unnunsual style made them stand out on the battles. A lot of people critsized Blake when he picked Dia, and look how that turned out Haha :)

X said...

I was rather disappointed with the battle rounds. Based solely on the battle round performances, the only person that got through to the live rounds that I actually agreed with was Jordis. On ALL 5 of the other performances, I thought the person that got eliminated was better.
Makes me wonder what the heck the judges (or producers... whoever actually picks) were smoking beforehand.

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