Monday, March 5, 2012

The Voice Season 2: Blind Auditions (Episode 5)

Wow! Finally, the Blind Auditions are over! Well, bring on the battle rounds!

I must say, I enjoyed the auditions this year compared to last year maybe because of the diversity in terms of talent. Of course, the talents here are mostly good since they are struggling artists and whatnot. I have watched every single singer in every single episode, but right now the only person standing out in my head is Mathai - for some reason - and Jordis Unga. I can't deny the fact that they are a talented bunch though.

Who stands out in your heads? Anyway, let's start..

Whitney Myer
No One

Whitney was really good. I think she has solid, radio ready voice and there's something about her the pops. I also enjoyed her take on this very stylized Alicia Keys song. It didn't sound karaoke, which was pretty impressive. Nice tone. Great phrasing. Good musicality. 8/10

The Shield Brothers
Dancing With Myself

Not a fan. If I want to see chubby funny rockers, I get back to my Tenacious D videos. 5/10

If I Were A Boy

Interesting tone, but she's nothing special. Plus, there's something about her that's incredibly annoying. I don't know. Cee-lo seemed very lazy in his artist selection. Haha. 5/10

Lex Land
I Can't Make You Love Me

I kind of liked how she started the song with a sultry sound to her voice. However, she kind of lost me when she hit the chorus. She went a little too pitchy, which I though was because of nerves (probably). She has potential though. 6/10

Orlando Napier
Waiting on the World to Change

The liberties he took with the song was actually pretty great. He has a rich soulful voice and I liked that he started out with a piano.7/10

Lee Koch
Like A Rolling Stone

What the world doesn't need now is another white guy with guitar especially one with a harmonica.  He has an interesting tone,but it somehow sounded like Paul McDonald. 6/10


Nice! This dude has a great voice. He suffered, however, a little from the Pia Toscano feet stuck to the floor disease. Haha. He needs to loosen up a little. 8/10

Adley Stamp
Last Name

I thought Blake would stay strong but he's a sucker for anyone who's country and/or has a quirky voice.  I didn't think she was all that great.  In fact, her voice sounded too generic. Plus, this girl needs a quick makeover. 5/10

Sera Hill
I'm Going Down

Truth be told, her voice is probably one of my favorites this season. It's strong, incredibly radio ready and has a certain character to it. But what I seriously liked about Sera was that she could belt, but could also control her voice so she wasn't yelling. Very sweet tone, too.  Oh, and she's someone that I've been looking for on American Idol. A viable R&B artist. 9/10


Pao said...

Can't agree more. Sera has the voice that can stay on your head singing. Yeah, she's still inside mine. hehe

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