Thursday, February 21, 2013

American Idol 12: Sudden Death Top 40 - Girls Group 1

The American Idol newly configured semifinals format has arrived and we finally get to see what these kids can do in a "live" setting. We’ve seen them audition for weeks and weeks and now they get to sit there and compose a performance still for the judges to decide, but for America to witness. I’m fine with that.

But how did the girls do tonight? Actually, I thought this was quite a solid first "live" show. There were some missteps here and there, but we finally had a chance to see which contestants were smart and which ones believed their own hype. Remember: nothing is written in stone. I’m sure many of you went into tonight just KNOWING who was going to make it to the next round of the semifinals, but there were a couple of nice surprises. 

Oh, and let me just say that this is by far the BEST judging panel on American Idol EVER. They're not phoning it in and they gave constructive comments without being overly obnoxious. I didn't agree with everything they said, but it was just refreshing to hear constructive critiques rather than "You're Amazing!" that plagued this show in the last few years. In fact, the way they critiqued the first performer was already a million miles better than in the entirety of the Jennifer Lopez/Steven Tyler era!! 

Without further ado, let’s rank the contestants!

10. Kamaria Ousley
Mr. Know It All
I know that a Kelly Clarkson song is hard to live up to, but at least stay on key. Ugh. Anyway, I was told before that if I couldn't think of ANYTHING nice to say, I wasn’t allowed to say the bad stuff. Therefore, my critique of this performance is over. Haha. 2

09. Brandy Hotard
I Don't Love You Anymore
Sure, Brandy wasn't bad and I actually liked her tone, but I wasn't particularly interested in her performance. She didn't connect well with the material, which Nicki Minaj gladly called out, she performed like she was in a bland pageant circuit, and I kept telling to myself, "What's the point?". Haha. 4

08. Jenny Beth Willis
Heaven, Heartache and the Power of Love
While I did think Jenny Beth was on pitch most of the time, I wasn't too impressed with her performance. It's not awful by any means, but I was pretty underwhelmed from the vocals to the stage presence. Good thing she did something uptempo and that last note was pretty good because I would not have remembered anything about this performance if not for that. 4.5

07. Tenna Torres
I must admit, Teena's technically a good singer - she quite has a good vocal control - but there's something about her tone that's annoyingly thin. Her presentation was too dated for my taste and the arrangement of that song was horribly slow that it almost made me sleepy. 4.5

06. Shubha Vedula
Born This Way
Such a shame. I was seriously rooting for Shubha prior to this round, but her performance was too bizarre for my taste. The arrangement was horrible - there was just WAY too much stuff going on that it felt like I was watching three different performances put together - and she looked awkward on stage. She did sound solid for the most part, but the performance freaked me out a bit. 5.5

05. Isabelle
God Bless The Child
Other than the fact that Isabelle's performance looked and sounded a bit old fashioned, I thought her performance was actually pretty good. She had nice vocal control, showcased a good amount of range and emotion and it wasn't overwrought. It was a bit forgettable, but I digress. 7

04. Adriana Latonio
Ain't No Way
Who knew? Adriana had almost zero screentime prior to this performance, but she proved to be just as good as the other contestants that were pimped heavily. Yes, she was a little dull and not entirely a captivating performer, but her performance was nothing short of good and she had some stage presence to go along with her voice. Her tone actually reminds me a bit of Jasmine Trias - and yes, take that however you like it. Haha. 7.5

03. Angela Miller
Nobody's Perfect
Another Jessie J song from Angela? Really? While this wasn't as good as her original song performance from last week's solo round, she sang the crap out of the song and gave possibly one of the better technical performances of the night. I thought she executed the song beautifully and maturely, she managed to showcase her voice and that impressive vocal range, and she commanded the stage with ease. She's slowly becoming a little overrated though. 8

02. Amber Holcomb
My Funny Valentine
WOW. Amber started off slow, but when she got into it, she never looked back! This was amazing! She may have very limited modulation and she needs to work on her diction, but I thought her vocals were effortless, her runs were precise and clear, the delivery was entertaining, she seemed fairly comfortable on stage and her connection with the song was surprising. Lots of potential. 8.5

01. Kree Harrison
Up To The Mountain
This literally assaulted every other performance tonight. Seriously. It grabbed every great performance we’ve seen tonight and slapped them into submission. Her vocals weren't perfect, but there's something about Kree that pulls you into her performance. Plus, she should be palatable to America as she's talented and has this non-threatening beauty mixed with some humble disposition. I believe she has the potential to be stellar. Yes, I'm seriously smelling a dark horse right here! Good job. 9


TOP 20
Tenna Torres
Kree Harrison
Angela Miller
Amber Holcomb
Adriana Latonio

Jenny Beth Willis
Brandy Hotard
Kamaria Ousley
Shubha Vedulla


benj said...

kree harrison sounds and resembles like carly smithson of season 7.. she's so good.. i love her.. i love amber.. oh shit.. a black diva.. thank God.. i love adriana yes becoz she's pinay.. i love angela miller she sounds contemporary. with tenna.. hmm.. not much into her... i cant wait for next week.. candice glover and jett hermano..

jasam morgan said...

I agree with you basically on everything!!! I love kree and I don't know how teena got through!

Anonymous said...

Teena is there because Nicki fought for her & she could well be very amazing despite her thin, screechy tone. I'm pleased with the results. I thought Shubha was messy! Even tho I really liked her voice at former rounds.

Kree, Angela & Amber are SURE going to the final 10. We need a soul sister this year (I'm leaning on Amber more than Candice, but then there's ZOANETTE)

Anonymous said...

I would prefer Isabelle or Shubha to get through than Teena or Adriana, and oh my Kree! MAJOR A+++. And Mariah is so cheeky and au naturale, love her :)

- K

dizzygirl said...

oh my.. where the hell did amber come from? im loving her and kree. <3
i totally agree about the judges. comments were on point (talk about teena's hair?!) and very helpful. keith is so passionate and lovable. nicki is fearless and entertaining. mariah tries really hard not to be repetitive and gives constructive criticisms like shes the nicest, sincerest diva ever (?). heck, even randy is making sense.

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