Friday, February 1, 2013

American Idol 12: Oklahoma Auditions

.. and just like that, the Audition Round for Season 12 is done. Wow. Not sure if it was because American Idol this year suddenly decided to focus on the good contestants - even if several of them begin to blend together already - or if it was the newly critical yet crazy and entertaining judging panel, minus Randy Jackson of course, but I seriously felt like the auditions this year went by WAY too fast compared to previous seasons no? I actually enjoyed the fact they kept the crappy auditions to a minimum this year..

Well, until tonight. Haha. Seriously! This episode was a great smorgasbord of crazies!! I mean, compared to the other audition episodes,  this one felt like a filler before Hollywood week and somehow, I'm not complaining. It's quite entertaining.

On with the show!

Karl Skinner
I Feel Good
Red Head With Guitar! Karl doesn't have the best voice this year, but he has charisma and likeability that could be a force if he makes it to the voting round. He can sing, but his personality trumps his decent singing talent. 6

Nate Tao
For Once In My Life
Possibly the most normal audition in this episode. Haha. Not sure if I like his tone - a little shrill for my taste - but he has great pitch, his runs were spot on and he's ridiculously adorable. If he'll be able to bring more personality and style on his next performances, he could go deep into the competition. 7

Halie Hilburn
Cowboy's Sweetheart
While I did find her audition beyond weird - she's a ventriloquist. ha! - I was actually pleasantly surprised by her singing voice. She has a strong vocals with character and grit. Not sure if it's distinct enough to stand out - especially with tons of country female singers this year - but I thought Oscar (her puppet) got her noticed. But when they threw Oscar into a dumpster, did we just witness Oscar the Grouch's origin story? Haha. 7

Zoanette Johnson
The Star Spangled Banner
Yes, she scared the wits out of me, but Zoanette was a spectacular mess! HAHA. She can't sing to save her life - Keith Urban even slipped out of his chair - but her rendition of the song was hysterical. I'm still sorting out what I thought of her, but she's awesome. Again, she's awful, but remember Norman Gentle? That's my point. Singing 0 Antics 9

Kayden Stephenson
I Wish
Kayden's not a good singer, but I got why the judges let him through to Hollywood. And yes, that's all I'm going to say. 5

Steven Tyler
HAHAHAHAHA. Sure, he did talk smack about the show after he left, but this was offensively hilarious. Oh, and it was kind of surreal to see him with the new judges. Oh, and I didn't think it's possible, but Randy Jackson is becoming increasingly more annoying no? Gawd. 100


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