Thursday, February 28, 2013

American Idol 12: Who made the Top 20? (SPOILERS)

Hooray! Semifinals Part 1 will air in the next two weeks and I got some spoilers as to who managed to crack the Top 20 this year. Yes, they changed the format for Season 12. Instead of the usual cut to 24, we get to hear all 40 semifinalists. The catch? The Boys and Girls will remain separated, but will be divided into groups of 10. They will then perform in front of the judges and 5 will be eliminated in every group leaving a Top 20.

And yes, the first batch of 10 girls performed earlier and here's a quick spoiler as to who made it to the second round of semifinals and who got cut.

Again, read at your own risk!! I warned you. If you want to be spoiled.. read on! If not.. go away!

Adriana Lotonio
Amber Holcomb
Angela Miller
Brandy Hotard
Isabel Pasqualone
Jenny Beth Willis
Kamaira Ousley
Kree Harrison
Shubha Vedula
Tina Torres

Charlie Askew
Chris Watson
Curtis Finch Jr
Devin Velez
Elijah Liu
Jimmy Smith
Johnny Keyser
Josh Davila (JDA)
Kevin Harris
Paul Jolley

Aubrey Cleland
Breanna Steer
Candice Glover
Cristabel Clack
Janelle Arthur
Jett Hermano
Juliana Chahayed
Melinda Ademi
Rachel Hale
Zoanette Johnson

Bryant Tadeo
Burnell Taylor
Cortez Shaw
David Willis
Gurpreet Singh
Josh Holiday
Lazaro Arbos
Mathenee Treco
Nick Boddington
Vincent Powell


Haley Jessica! said...

What!? There are results already??? Ugh Nigel!!

DAM said...

Yes, because the show isn't live. They taped it earlier to be aired later. :)

Anonymous said...


Shawn Jang said...

Honestly, I can't believe it came down to Johnny and Devin. Both should have been in the Top 5 that night. Johnny should've taken Charlie's spot. This is really some BS.

Anonymous said...

Going to be listening/watching Aubrey and Breanna extra closely tonight. I hope their performances justified advancing them over the likes of the people eliminated. I was expecting Zoanette to go through along with Candice and Janelle, but the other two really took me by surprise when things leaked.

Anonymous said...

Zoanette? Really? Haven't watched tonight's episode, but her in the top 40 (and now top 20) is total BS.

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