Friday, February 22, 2013

American Idol 12: Sudden Death Top 40 - Boys Group 1

Based from tonight's episode, it's pretty apparent that American Idol is seriously looking for it's next female winner as almost everyone royally sucked!

Not that I was expecting anything different and I've also been begging for a girl winner since Season 9, but this may actually backfire on them. I mean, if they cast mediocre male singers and one will eventually find his way to the crown a la Lee DeWyze, American Idol is officially done. Haha.

As for the judges, it's a mixed bag. I've been a fan of Nicki Minaj's judging, but she was all over the place tonight. And as much as I hate to say it, Randy Jackson actually made the most sense in this episode. Maybe with the addition of three good judges, he's forced to raised his game a bit no?

Anyway, let's rank the contestants!

10. Elijah Liu
Talking To The Moon
Whoa. Calm down Nicki Minaj!! Haha. I seriously wanted to love this, but Elijah's vocals were atrocious that I just couldn't. He should've powered through the choruses, but he just whispered the entire song backed with a tone that's too thin for my taste. I guess, he's just not good enough of a vocalist to pull this off live without going hopelessly all over the place with his pitch. The falsetto was a train wreck and the verses were incredibly rough. I'd rather have Nate Tao than this guy no? 2.5

09. Chris Watson
(Sittin' At) The Dock Of The Bay
The guy that reminded me so much of Wanda Sykes. Haha. Chris Watson had a slightly better stage presence than most of the guys, but he has this whiny almost nasal tone that was irritating. Plus, the song choice was terribly overdone that I honestly didn't care for it too much. 3

08. Jimmy Smith
Raining On Sunday
Sigh. Jimmy has potential to be deadly in this competition and he actually has a nice voice, but this performance was annoyingly boring that I barely paid attention to anything. Oh, and he looked weird. Did he stay a little too long in the tanning booth? 3.5

07. Charlie Askew
Rocket Man
This was a little tricky. Charlie is immensely likable and I seriously love his tone, but his vocals in this particular performance was too wobbly that everything seemed weak. If he had vocal training prior to this, he would sound awesome, but for now, he sounds raw in a bad way. Oh, and I like that he's an awkward turtle, but I think he should tone it down a bit because it's now becoming more of a gimmick than anything. 4

06. J'DA
Rumor Has It
Not sure though if I was totally ready for this jelly - the make up, the glitters, and the moustache - but at least he woke me up. Haha. Based purely on his weak vocals, I would've ranked him lower, but the fact that he made me feel entertained, intrigued and horrified all the same time was enough for me to place him this high. 4.5

05. Johnny Keyser
I Won't Give Up
Lifeless. What happened to the competitive Johnny Keyser from last season? While I do love the song itself, the song choice didn't fit him at all. It didn't showcase much of his ability as a vocalist and he stayed under the background singers the entire time when he needed to power through parts of the song. Such a shame because he has potential. 5

04. Kevin Harris
Everything I Do (I Do It For You)
Wait, have we seen him before? Just like Amber Holcomb from last night, Kevin's performance pleasantly came out of nowhere, albeit a bit underwhelming in comparison. He needed to be awesome to actually make an impact, but this was just a pleasant version of the song. His nice tone with good vocal control should've been enough, but there's not much star power in him and I don't think I will remember this after an hour. 5.5

03. Curtis Finch, Jr.
I was over Curtis 20 seconds after I saw his face on screen. Haha. After Joshua Ledet's 147 standing ovations and complete over pimping to the maximum level last season, I just can't deal with anyone that comes close to resembling him, contestant wise. Moreso, if that person has an obnoxious personality as Curtis. True, his vocals were great, but I just can't get behind him. Sorry. 6.5

02. Paul Jolley
Tonight I'm Gonna Cry
Paul was mildly decent, but let's all face it, this was probably one of the better performances tonight despite the sappy cheese-infused stylings. He has a beautiful tone with a wider vocal range than most male country singers, and he obviously has potential. His stage presence seemed a bit put on though and that belting out towards the end was unnecessary, but I digress. 6.5

01. Devin Velez
Whenever someone sings “en Espanol” I’m always left wondering if they are making fun of me because, yes, I don't understand what the heck they were singing about. Haha. But seriously, Devin was quite good. He's a bit cookie-cutter to me and he cracked and went off key a couple of times, but his soothing tone and ability to connect to the material was enough to top my list.


TOP 20
Curtis Finch, Jr.
Elijah Liu
Paul Jolley
Charlie Askew
Devin Velez

Jimmy Smith
Kevin Harris
Chris Watson
Johnny Keyser


Carlos Jude Laron said...

LOL at 147 standing ovations. You are hilarious!

Curtis is fundamentally arrogant, but he's good enough to land a spot in the top 10/12.

Felt so bad for Keyser. His looks was his demise. Kevin harris who?? He was alright. Too bad they let him go.

I don't get the ELIJAH love from nicki. Have we seen him before?? nah

Paul Jolley is so whiny! Like there's no amount of confidence in there, Johnny could take his spot.

Joker said...

I completely agreed with you on the Idol wants a female winner. Nothing excited me vocally in this episode (maybe Johnny in bad way).

Curtis was a serious vocalist deserved to be on a spot, although he annoyed me greatly on his phrasing and melodic choices in a song. He just wayyyy oversang a song.

Charlie sounded really thin yesterday. Was it a microphone problem or the way he hold his microphone? but he's still one of favourites.

I actually like Elijah's tone a lot BUT other thing else, Nah, his pitch wasn't good, weak falsetto, too big song choice, shaky confidence, or in another mean "He's not ready yet".

I have nothing to say about Devin. He's ok but just not my cup of tea (again).

Paul Jolly, I remember he sang better than this. What a shame is his low-confidence just took over his performance.

Lastly, I'm greatly disappointed in Johnny. Wasn't he the one who supposed to excite me? Where is his talent that we used to see in this performance? Really bad song choice. I love this song but didn't suit him at all. If he did something uptempo, I think we could see him a lot longer. What a shame.

I think the girls definitely gave the boys a run for their money.

Hoàng Sơn said...

i love to have Nate Tao here too :(

and yes, it seems like the girls have got a better chance. However, backfire is easily to happen here :))

benj said...

honestly i don't care at all with regards to the boys performances.. i got bored. all 5 of them were like nothing compared to deandre, colton, phillip and joshua from last season.. nothing special with these boys.. im just rooting for one guy to be in the top 10.. none other than bryant tadeo.. kababayan.. i know idol is so desperate for a girl to win 'coz aside of choosing contestants that were either black, asian, gay and no star appeal.. their singing ability sucks.. unlike with the girls.. its very hard to choose who needs to be in the top 10.. next week only jett hermano and candice glover are my favorites and i hope theyll make it.. and please.. i really dont want to see zoanette in the top 10.. she's just a crazy girl with a good voice but not idol voice.

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