Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Voice 5: Finale

It's the Finale week of The Voice Season 5 and that means three songs a piece! Let’s find out which contestants built appropriate sets and which contestants crashed and burned - if there's any.

Of course, we can’t start ranking the contestants until we talk about the night as a whole. It had a little bit of everything, didn’t it? Countless of overdone songs, boring reprises, and duet with their mentors who are not here to promote themselves. Haha.

Anyway, on to my last review and rankings for the season!


03. Tessanne Chin
No one can't deny the fact that Tessanne is a masterful vocalist - her modulation was good, her pitch was spot on, and she's probably more precise on hitting her notes than Carson Daly and his job as a host, but her connection to the song was almost non existent. Not sure what it was, but the whole performance felt empty. 6.5

02. Will Champlin
Not Over You
Look, Will's vocals weren't as spot on as Tessanne - in fact, his transitions to his falsetto were a little rough - but there's an urgency and character to his delivery that was quite compelling. The performance didn't bore me and despite the odd song choice, I did enjoy this more than I expected. 7

01. Jacquie Lee
Back To Black
There's a hitch to Jacquie's voice that's a bit distracting, and her shrill tone when hitting those high notes were more of an acquired taste, but while her version of this Amy Winehouse tune wasn't as soulful as the original, I actually felt like she delivered probably the best performance in this round - although that's not saying much. I thought her voice during the verses were pretty solid and she's very much connected with the song. Yes, her tone when she's on top of her register still sounds jarring to me, but I digress. I now wonder what music Jacquie will do post The Voice though. Any guess? 7.5


03. Jacquie Lee & Christina Aguilera
We Remain
Eh. Somehow, I'm not putting the blame on Jacquie on this, because ironically, Christina's tone and her vocal inflections were annoying - considering that this is her original song. Haha.  I don't know. Jacquie sounded fine for the most part, but her mentor ruined it for me. 6

02. Will Champlin & Adam Levine
Tiny Dancer
This was fine. Nothing particularly interesting - other than Adam's stellar vocals - and nothing memorable. In fact, as I write this, I can't remember how their version went. Haha. 6.5

01. Tessanne Chin & Adam Levine
Let It Be
YES SIR! Not going to lie, I wasn't too excited with this performance as I was expecting something more interesting than this Beattles tune that was covered a million times, but that reggae breakdown towards the end was just brilliant. I'm usually the type who would b*tch about ruining the melody of a classic song, but Tessanne pulled it off quite well. Plus, their harmonies sounded divine. 8.5


03. Jacquie Lee
And I Am Telling You
Well, Jacquie sang the classic reality singing competition staple, and yes, it’s been sung over and over again with varying degrees of success. Unfortunately for her, this just didn't sound right. On paper, this should've been a BIG hit for her, but her voice sounded thin and she wasn’t singing from her chest. She was pushing so hard in her head voice that it made her voice seem fragile. Also, there was something choppy about her delivery that it sounded like it didn't flow that well. 6.5

02. Will Champlin
Everything I Do (I Do It For You)
Do you want to know how boring Will singing Everything I Do (I Do It For You) is? It's so boring I wasn't even able to take any notes or make any jokes. I don't know. This is one of those song choices that does nothing for you though. If you do it well, well, it sounds cheesy/pointless/old and if you do it horribly, well, clearly it will sound horrible. He didn't sound bad by any means, but it was underwhelming. 6.5

01. Tessanne Chin
I Have Nothing
How lazy can they be with this song choice? Tessanne sang a great rendition of it, but there's practically nothing she could have done to the song that a previous person who covered it hadn't already achieved. It was just so overplayed. Yet, she sang with power and on pitch. We sometimes forget how effortlessly she can sing. Will I run to my computer to download the track? Absolutely not - despite it currently being #1 on iTunes - but it was a strong vocal, if not over-played. 8

Who SHOULD win?
Tessanne Chin
Who WILL win?
Tessanne Chin


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