Friday, December 20, 2013

X Factor US 3: Finale Results Show

For an overly underwhelming season of X Factor USA with incredibly tragic ratings, somehow, the show managed to have probably the most promising and marketable winner out of any reality singing competition this year! Simon Cowell better give them the best material possible album as they will probably be the only saving grace of this show. Oh, and the performances were verging from good to huh? Haha. I don't know.

So that's it! It's been a blast - who am I kidding? - reviewing this show, but with all honesty, I think this show got the right winner! Yay!

Let's cut to the chase! And the winner of The X Factor Season 3 is..

RESULTS after the jump!! 

Alex & Sierra

2nd Place - Jeff Gutt
3rd Place - Carlito Olivero

Again, well deserved win for the duo! They've been the most consistent and interesting act this season. They were so far ahead of everyone that it was almost a travesty if they didn't win the competition. I'm seriously looking forward to better things with them. Oh, and Alex was so lucky that he got eliminated in this trainwreck season of American Idol, which led him to winning X Factor with her beloved girlfriend Sierra. Congrats!


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